Is it worth doing this?


Feb 8, 2000
One person in the family get a an AP pass to get discounts? We age going End of Jan 2002 for two weeks and the only possible way to stay onsite is ASR on AP discount and it is looking like there are some discounts in Jan.
I am happy staying at HIFS but DH would like onsite if we can swing it.
Oh how I wish the dollar would get better!!
Thanks Mick
on what discounts you want, and if its worth it to you! If you weigh all this, and still want the AP..Do it!
I did for our June trip and it did make it cheaper. I would have needed at least a 7 day pass so the difference in cost wasn't much and we were staying offsite for the first part so it also got us free parking for that time. I got a discount for our room at the Contempory for the onsite part of the trip. The per day cost is less with an AP on the 8th day.

One note of caution - it makes it hard not to go back again that year. :D Our next trip is just a couple so we'll use up the passes we have for DDs but the next I've already bought AP's for my DDs using the 10% discount offered at the end of the year for AP holders and we'll plan at least two trips with those.


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From what I've read on these boards, only one person in your party has to have an annual pass to get the annual pass rates. If you have a child traveling with you, you might get the AP for the child because it will be cheaper than the adult rate. You also don't have to have the AP when you make the reservation, but you will have to have it when you check in, so you could wait until you see if you can get an AP rate before you buy the AP. Good luck!

Mick, if you're going for two weeks, isn't it cheaper to get an Annual Pass anyway? How many days were you planning to go to the Disney parks? A theme park annual pass is $343.44 for an adult, and a Ultimate Park Hopper/LOS for 10 days is $401.77 for an adult. Now granted, Pleasure Island and the water parks are not included in a the theme park AP, but would you go to a water park in January anyway? How often would you go to PI? If it's only once, or not at all, then the AP would definitely be the way to go. ;)

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