Is it there or not?

Girl Scout Girl

Earning My Ears
Feb 1, 2002
I am probly being annoying i know but i can't wait and it is still 2 years away well what i want to know is some one told me that there is roller blading and rock climbing on the ship well when i look I can never find these things could someone please tell me are these things really there?
Nope, you're thinking of one of those 'other' ships. But I recall you being a youngin' - you'll love Common Grounds. My DD16 and her best friend are so excited - we leave Saturday. They're going to have a late curfew (mostly so I can have a late curfew too. )

Kim ºOº
You're thinking of the new monstrous Royal Caribbean ships: Explorer, Adventure and Voyager of the Seas. (Am I allowed to mention them on this board?) They're new 144,000 ton ships with the ice skating rink and rock climbing walls.
My parents are on the Explorer right now...... I am anxiously waiting there review. BUT, somehow I don't think it could live up to our expectation after cruising the Magic numerous times!
Girl Scout Girl,

Please do us a favor and provide a more descriptive subject heading when you start a thread. When I read through the new threads, it saves time if the subject heading clearly states what the thread is about. Despite the inordinate time I seem to spend on DIS, I still don't read every thread. I try to avoid threads that I'm not interested in or can't provide any insight for others.

"Is it there or not?" is fairly vague.



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