Is it just my son ?


Feb 6, 2001
He is 11 months old and I am scared to death of traveling with him. We have 2 vacations planned this year (5 days at beach & Wonder Cruise.) When he gets tired he fights his sleep and screams. He refuses to nap in his stroller. Is it just him ? I have never travelled with him and I am afraid I will be walking around with a screaming child in a stroller until we find a bed.
:)It's nice to here of someone else with the same concerns! We will be going in June w/ DS, then 9 1/2 mos. and I have the same problem. My son is very active and has a hard time settling down for sleep-fights it all the way. I'm really excited about going to WDW with him but I'm nervous that he won't nap and will be really cranky. He loves people at this point and I'm really hoping that sranger anxiety isn't at it's peak in June! I'd prefer to go to MK, etc. after his AM nap but I'm afraid that the parks will be crazy then. We're still trying to figure out what the best plan will be. Our days will definitely revolve around him and how he's doing. I guess we'll plan for the worst and hope for the best!! Good Luck!! Leslie
He still takes 2 naps a day. One in the morning and one in the after noon. Dr. appts, shopping, errands all happen AFTER his morning nap at home and I may have to stick to that schedule. It's comforting to know I am not alone. Good Luck to you too!
npall, you are not alone.

The twins are 19 months old and still take 2 naps a day. They are also ready to go to bed at 6:30 and sleep until 6:00 the next morning(their mother never did this).

We are planning for next year for their 1st WDW trip and we drive. He does get fussy when he is tired and fights sleeping in the car seat at the moment. Keyanna doesn't have this problem at all. Hopefull by the age of 3 this will change.

He is also very shy and hopefully this will change. We have been taking him out to more people populated places to get him used to crowds. He went to his 1st camping show a couple of weeks ago and did very well. :D


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Don't worry...

First, on the cruise, your room is always within walking distance, so you can take him back there at any time without any major complications.

Second, he may surprise you. Try to keep a couple of his favorite things with you. Ie, a blanket, stuffed animal, pasifier, or snack. And remember, it's not just your son, and most likely the people around you will have had been there at some point in their lives, too.

If he does resort to the screaming fit, go on with your business without paying it too much attention to it. He may get tired of it and find something more stimulating to look at or do in his new surroundings. The more you cater to his crankiness, the longer it most likely will last.

Good Luck and relax. After all, you'll be on vacation!!!! :D
Does he have a favorite blankie or pillow that he likes to sleep w/? We learned the hard way the last trip,(our daughter was 2 at the time) and finally on the last day of course, decided to bring her "chuckie pillow" (her bed pillow w/ the rug rats on it) and rented MK's stroller instead of bringing our umbrella stroller in, by then after the week she was cranky as a mule but that Friday was a breeze, she just kicked back and relaxed w/ her chuckie pillow and actually (for teh first time) fell asleep stretched out in the stoller. I learned a lesson that day, and regardless of how foolish i look with the Rugrats, I will carry that pillow on EVERY bus from now on :rolleyes: :( :D ;)

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My dd was very attached to her nap and often fought it at home. When we took her last June we made a point of heading back to the lodge so we would be in the room by her normal nap time. The first day she screamed like crazy for about 5 minutes then expired. The rest of the trip she was so happy to see her crib, she fell asleep nearly immediately. WDW really wore her out but as long as we got back in time for nap, all was well. With the nap, she lasted pretty long at night and never fell asleep in her stroller. I should mention, we are late nighters. She was usually up until 10:30 or later at WDW while 8:30 brings her eyes closed at home. The last night (of a 9 night stay) she fell asleep in my arms on the bus on the way home. Other than that, she partied and loved every minute of the sights and sounds of the world.

My suggestion, allow for sleep for your child and they will delight you!

We had season passes to Cedar Point, a large amusement park here in Ohio last year. My son was 20 months. He still napped everyday and he could be such a beast for us. He refused to nap in the stroller, in our arms, anywhere. He just has to be in his bed. Even the car didn't work.

We just fought it. I also used a little Advil/Motrin to help sometimes. But that can backfire on you too! One day we gave him his Advil at lunch, he fell asleep in the stroller but woke up grumpier than ever.

I wish you lots of patience!!!!

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We found with both our sons that when we were in Disney World, they were totally different. I think because they are getting everything they want anyway, they tended not to fight anything. Besides the fact that the pace of the day whipped them out and they feel asleep in DH's arms.

We kept with their schedules and let them set the pace and we were fine.

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Everyone for all your advice and support. I feel more confident now about our trip. Maybe he will fall asleep in my arms for the first time in his entire baby life !

Our DS is also very high need- the kind of kid that needs to be carried or held a lot of the time. Well, when we went to WDW last summer he surprised us all. For 10 days, he didn't fuss (at age 23 months) and just fell asleep in his stroller when he was tired. He was totally amazed at the attractions and characters. We would go back to the room for a nap and he wouldn't sleep but fall asleep in the stroller later. He was perfect and didn't throw a single tantrum- must have been that Disney magic, because once we got home all hell broke loose like normal.


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