Is it August Already? Exercise Challenge!


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Nov 25, 2006
Welcome to the August 2019 exercise Challenge! It may be summer still and hot (103 in Austin TX today) but finally, school is starting (for those of us in the southern states), pumpkin spice is in the air, and the holiday season is speeding towards us...

If you’re returning, we’re excited to have you back! If you’re new, welcome to the team! Here’s how it works:

Each person chooses a time goal, and posts minutes towards that goal as they exercise. (You can post daily or just catch up when you can.) You decide what movement counts towards your goal - which can be a nice round total for the month, a specific number that means something to you, or a calculation based on a target number of minutes per day.

Since August has 31 days, here are some common conversions:

15 minutes/day = 465
20 minutes/day = 620
30 minutes/day = 930
45 minutes/day = 1395
1 hour/day = 1860

One of the special motivations of our Disney exercise challenge is color changing! Page one will be updated with individual and team color changes as we make more and more progress.

10% - Clear Skies Blue
25% - Sunset Orange
50% - Party Purple
75% - Uh, Lookin' a Little Pink
90% - Sunburn Red

100% - Lawn Green

We’re officially starting this challenge on August 1, but if you don’t find this thread until later in the month, you’re still welcome to join!! Just post your goal and I’ll add you to the list. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions, and to check out old threads to see what’s been going on.

Our Players (up dated 2am Central time, Sept 1):

piglet19791028/1395 (74%)
sophy19961180/1200 (98%)
MikeNamez1560/1500 (104%)
BonnieF755/750 (101%)
ljcrochet863/500 (173%)
Twilight Sparkle1935/1860 (104%)
GrandAdmiralStrife2500/1860 (134%)
softball chick508/600 (85%)
PollyannaMom505/500 (101%)
snels1025/930 (110%)
TheDisneyDoll150/950 (16%)
Elizabeth Smith800/800 (100%)
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Aug 22, 2010
Hi everyone! I’ll aim for 750 this month. I know I’ll be getting in as much beach time as I can so I’ll be realistic about my exercise time.
@GrandAdmiralStrife - I always had mixed emotions about that commercial - glad the kids were going back. But, I was a teacher, so my party was over, too. ☺😔


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May 4, 2006
I'm in for 500 minutes this month. My girls are starting high school in 2 weeks so i'm not sure what our schedule is going to be. I might try and one of them to run with me in either the morning or evening. She loves to run but lacks the motivation/time to go. She also is on a travel soccer team and a travel basketball team (assuming her team didn't fall apart over the summer).
  • softball chick

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    Jul 28, 2008
    I'm in for 600 minutes this month. My actual exercise schedule is going to be pretty funky thanks to two WDW trips and the start of back to school in-service, so I'm hoping I can at least reach 600.

    @GrandAdmiralStrife - Pretty sure I looked just like those kids did while watching that video! Luckily school doesn't start for another month up here in the Midwest (and even later for my school...thank you cafeteria construction!) so this teacher still has plenty of summer left :cool1: