Is 4 nights too long to stay on-site at IOA/USF?


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Jan 27, 2001
Would staying for 4 nights at PBH/HRH be too long to visit IOA or USF? Would it be better to stay for just 3 nights? This will be following a stay at Disney. Thanks!
When my family went to IOA and USF we stayed two days and got everything done. Though we did it all we had to rush. I think that 3 days would be good enough to stay at them. Four days is sort of pushing the limit and you might run out of things to do. :p

I don't think you can ever run out of things to do. Just do the ones you loved over and over again!! We're staying for five nights during July 4th week. You can always relax by the pool. We are also going to Sea World.

Hi! We are staying for 5 nites, 1st 3 at PB and last 2 at HRH. I could not get 5 consecutive nites at either resort, and had to pay rack rate for HRH!

Anyway, we purchased Orlando 5 park flex tickets and are planning a trip to Sea World one day and possibly a trip to Wet n Wild. We are not planning on doing Disney even though I have 4 day flex tickets for my daughter and I that I purchased several months ago. Actually I earned them on

After we go to Orlando, we are planning 2 nites in Tampa, and a visit to Busch Gardens there.

Anyway, my point is, I think you could find plently to do while staying for 4 nites. I certainly don't think you'll get bored!!

I don't think so! We will be staying at the HRH Oct. 6-10 before moving to the PBH for 1 night on the 11th. We plan on visiting US and IOA at least 3 full days, SeaWorld 1 day, before moving to the Dolphin for the Disney finale. Hope to take in some things that normally we would be to rushed to do.....City walk, hotel pools, etc. My kids could stay at the hotel and swim and be totally happy. We always wish we had more time to revisit some of our favorite rides. :D
Hey Cali!! So....are you thinking about staying on sight in Universal?! :) Actually 4 nights isn't bad, you get to do everything while you're there without rushing. I'm planning doing 3 nights at HRH, but I kind of want to stretch it to 4 nights cause I think I want to stay in a deluxe hotel longer than a moderate resort (PO-FQ). Oh I hope you try Universal's resort. Which resort are you thinking of? :bounce:

I'm staying at HRH Hotel for 6 nights. Plus I have a flex ticket, so I can do all those parks in 7 days. I'm actually looking forward to the relaxing leisure of not having to cram all of the rides into two days. I don't have to get up real early to wait in line. I can go in later, ride every thing as much as I want, stay for fire works, and walk my tired little body back to my room.
In those six days we're going to Sea World, IOA, Universal, a quick trip to Wet and Wild(I'm not too big on water parks), and two days in Disney. Although I'm really reconsidering if I even need to go to Disney. :bounce:
We were at HRH three nights and I would have gone to the trouble of changing airline reservations and moving to another room to stay another night if I could have. We would have enjoyed hitting the parks and relaxing by the pool more. I didn't want to leave!
I'll probably give Portofino Bay a try! Now that I look at my schedule, I could do 2 nights over the 4th of July then switch over to the Grand Floridian. Does Portofino Bay have a concierge service?
:wave: hey!

I would say that 4 days would be the way to go if you're looking to lay back and relax. If you want to cram in disney and sea world then I'd suggest you go with the 3 day route.

One last comment...................
How do you guys afford these stays at portofino and the hard rock? You have my upmost envy!
Hi brer_porcupine! If it wasn't for Entertainment Card, I would have never can afford it. You get 50% off when the discount rate is available for certain times.

aka: USEscape
Just got back from 4 nights at HRH. We thought we might get tired of it but not at all. Spent about 6 hours each day at the parks (did both each day). DS would have done Hulk and MIB everyday all day for a week!!!;)
4 nights is not to long just spent six days there it was great. California Dreaming and Disney Doc stay away from the PORTOFINO they will bump you in a second, if you are only staying there a night or two you will be bumped off site if they are oversold. It happened to me and many others. They choose the small stays first to bump be careful it almost ruined my vacation.
Smooth Silky Goofy,

While I agree you received unfair treatment from the Portofino, this is a rare occourance.

I have done 4 1-night stays at the Portofino in the past 2 years and was never bumped. While your experience left a sour taste in my mouth, it is no reason to avoid such a great hotel!


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