Is 3 days too much time?


Apr 28, 2001
It seems as if most people are planning 2 days at IOA/USO...but I've planned on 3.

We plan on staying 2 nights at HRH with entertainment rate. seems as if 2 days is enough. Should I plan on doing something else for the 3rd day?

Let me know what you think. Anyone out there ever spend 3 days at these two parks? seems as if everyone is doing IOA/USO in conjunction with WDW...anyone just doing the universal parks?


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We will be spending five nights at the HRH during July 4th week. We plan on going to Universal, IOA, and Seaworld. WE know we'll have extra time, but we also want to relax by the pool.
I made a strictly Universal, girls' only trip in November, and will be doing a full family US/WDW trip in June.

In Nov. we were there for four days, and it was nowhere near enough time!!! If you like to repeat rides (which I love) it's the only way! We like to experience outdoor rides at all times of day and night (like Bluto's Barges!) and we enjoy watching other people on rides, too.

BTW---did you do the Universal Discover card "buy a two day pass get the third day free" promotion??

Three days, IMHO, is perfect. One day at USF, one at IOA, then the next to go back to what you missed or liked the most. I also think that by the third day you KNOW the ins and outs of the park and can maneuver it like a pro!


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3 days worked very well for us. We were able to do everything we wanted then spent most of the last 1/2 of our last day watchinf slime time live. We didn't bother waiting in line for tickets for the seating area. We just sotood along the gates and could see everything. MY DS and I were even on TV for a moment during one of the live broadcast.

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My last name is Z also, are we related?

Anyway, 3 days is perfect (especially during busy days). You dont have to run around like a contestant on "Boot Camp", just ask my family.


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