Internet Access and speed


Earning My Ears
Dec 29, 2001
Will be on the magic the 19th and was wondering about the internet access. I know that you can sign up for a special for the whole week.

Anyone that has been out before can you answer a couple of questions please.
What is the speed like. Is it 56K modem like or more broadband type of speed. I'm not sure what they use, but I would imagine it would be something like PCDirect where download is fairly fast, but uploads are very limited.

The second question is do you have to use their computers only or can you connect a laptop to their network. If you can use your own laptop is in only in their "lab area".

I'm pretty sure that I'm just wishing when I wonder whether or not they have a wireless network aboard so that you can use your laptop anywhere in the ship.

Thanks in advance for your reply
The speed is actually not bad, definitely faster than a dial-up but slower than a cable modem or DSL.

You must use their computers, you can't connect yours. If you connected via your in-room phone you'd pay the outrageous $6.95 per MINUTE ship-to-shore fee.

And no, no wireless network, as you suspected.

The Internet Cafe is a good option for keeping in touch, and it's usually pretty reliable. :)
They are probably using the two way satellite internet connection - Starband. It is quite speedy, but is prone to bursting - periods of really high speed and sometimes it slows down.

This is one of the areas I'm really trying to get a handle on so additional detail would be helpful.

Part of my teaching load is to facilitate online courses for my univeristy. Our trip will overlap with the a week of what we call Spring 2. A colleague is going to do most of the daily faciliation for me as I have for her in the past. When we are on vacation we don't want to spend an hour or more a day at a minimum working. But I will need to touch base with her in case anything comes up she can't answer.

Also DS (who will be 15 at the time of sailing) likes spending time on the internet and the availability of computers in Common Grounds was something that caught his eye.

That's the background - here are the questions: Is the access in Common Grounds need to be part of the package or do they provide it for the kids? (I'm betting you pay for it) Can the entire family share one account?

Internet access is not a complimentary amenity at Common Grounds... your teen will need an access ID. As for sharing an ID, some Internet Cafe managers will tell you that each individual family member needs to purchase their own ID, but that's silly. Nobody's going to pony up multiple fees of $90 for a week. Just be aware that only one person at a time can use the family ID. That means if your teen is using the ID in Common Grounds, you'll be S.O.L. if you try to log on at the Internet Cafe.


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