Internal Buses have changed again!!

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    Mar 26, 2001
    According to the transportation map, here are the new internal bus routes.

    Purple has returned to it's original route. From the Outpost, it hangs a left at Peacock Pass, goes through the cabins, past 2000, past group camping, then on the back road to the Settlement.

    Yellow remains the same.

    Orange is what has changed: From the Outpost it also hangs a left at Peacock Pass, goes through the cabins, then at the 2100 stop, it hangs a right, on Big Pine Dr, then takes a left and goes down the center of the campground.

    So now folks in the cabins need to take an Orange bus if they want to stop at Meadows area or a Purple bus if they want the express route.

    Unfortunately, those staying in the center section of the campground now have to take a tour of the cabin stops. Those in 2000/Group Camping don't get driven past Meadows at all, but it is a short walk over the bridge, then through 900.

    A lady last night told me she was picked up at the cabins by an Orange bus. I thought she was mistaken, or the bus was labeled wrong, but now it makes sense!!
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    Thanks for the info. But it does not meet with me approval at all.:3dglasses
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    They like to keep us all confused about the internal transportation! :confused:
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    Thank you for the update. But seeing as it's now 7 long days before we are there, I'm sure it will have changed again by the time we get there. :rolleyes1

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