Interested in DVC resale, 2 questions (use year, points)


Feb 12, 2020
Hello! I've recently become interested in DVC and have done a bunch of research over the last few weeks. Looking for confirmation from someone that I have the right thought process.

I normally travel to Disney between September and May, skipping June/July/August. I take a yearly trip in December, with a second trip either the fall before the holiday season kicks into gear or in Feb/March before school breaks begin. I would guess most people travel around this time, too. :-)

I was thinking either a Sept or Oct use year. I know that September would prevent me from reservations in May, in case I wanted to bank by April 30. October would prevent me from reservations in September because it would also prevent me from banking. Does that make sense for me? My gut is September, but those contracts seem to be less available to me than October.

My second question, does it make sense to pay slightly more per point if a contact has points available for 2019/2020? (assuming you could use them). I'm trying to gather how to gauge the best deal.

Thanks for your time! 😊


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Nov 15, 2008
Actually, your May trips would be protected if you had to cancel because in order to still bank, a reservation has to be canceled at least 31 days in advance or they become holding points...which have restrictions,

So, you’d be canceling or changing in April. No one UY will cover all, but if September is your choice, Oct UY would be the worst.

Yes, if the contract is fully loaded, if you can use the points might be worth it for you to pay more, But, things are negotiable.

IMO, I would decide what you think is a good deal for you and go from there when choosing!


Earning My Ears
Aug 16, 2019
For your suggested travel dates, an August use year would be ideal. But you can make any use year work.

Most important advice: DVC will cost you somewhere between $10,000 and 30,000 resale, depending on where you buy and how many points you acquire. Take the time to seriously research and learn before spending that kind of money. I mean 3 months at least, 6 months better. DVC is going to be here, and considering the way the unemployment statistics are headed resale will likely be cheaper in the next quarter or two. So take your time.


May 28, 2004
Keep in mind, times you travel likely will change over time. If you're buying re-sale, I'd say find the cheapest contract at the resort you like to stay the most. That way, you have tee 11 month booking window every year. I have Dec. UY at BCV and we've been to WDW just about every month of the year without any troubles. We haven't always gotten the resort that we wanted, esp. the smaller resorts during peak seasons, but you will find availability if you're willing to be flexible.


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