Important Question!! Could seriously use some advice!!


Earning My Ears
Mar 23, 2015
I'm a SoCal local and I really want to apply for the Spring Advantage 2016 at WDW. Buuuutttt there's a job opening as a cast member at Disneyland this summer. I really want to apply to work at the park but I still want the opportunity to work in Florida and live there for 8 months. Do you think they would accept a cast member from another park into the DCP? or does it defeat the purpose?
I've read on the Disney programs blog that they allow cast members to apply. I'm not sure about what happens after the program though, if you have to reapply to get your Disneyland job back.
I'm not sure how it works if you leave a job at DL to do the college program at WDW - but my daughter knew someone who left her job at WDW to do the college program at DL and when her program was over and she returned to Florida, she had lost her job at WDW. This was just this past January that she returned to Florida. It ended up working out for her though because she was accepted in the alumni program at DL for the summer and will be going back to Cali soon.


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