IMPORTANT...major board changes!



We have made a decision to migrate to V-Bulletin 3. There are several factors that everyone needs to be aware of. The conversion will take place next saturday evening, February 28th. The boards will go down at 7pm and will probably not be back up untill the next morning.
Everybody's posts, post counts, usernames etc will be preserved.
There is one concern we have that everyone should be aware of. We are not sure what effect the new system will have on board performance. We are so happy with the way the boards have been running lately and there is no way we are going back to the "slow" boards and lack of search.
The problem is once we convert there is no way to convert back, we would have to go to an earlier backup copy of the board from saturday evening.
If that were to happen we would try to make that decision as early as possible, on Sunday or Monday at the latest. We would lose a day or two worth of posts. Please realize we don't plan on having this happen but we want everyone to be aware that the possiblity is there.
Remember if you want to try out the new boards go to You do have to register over there.


<font color=green>Has a thing for the Swiss Family
Apr 6, 2002
Whatever you do, we know it's in the DIS's best interests. Keep up the excellent job!:D

Dan Murphy

We are family.
Apr 20, 2000
Thanks for the heads up, Alex, V.3 looks great and I'm looking forward to it. Good luck.

Pop Daddy

<font color=red>Hey Sexy<br><font color=green>it w
May 20, 2003
if it anit broke dont fix it, I love the way the dis is working now.


<font color=green>Only drinks Cappuccino<br><font
Mar 23, 2002
Ok.....I think we are in good hands;)


I did know once, only I've forgotten
Aug 28, 2003
Sounds like a stressful time for those who are involved in making this switchover happen. Hope all goes well. Thanks and good luck!


<font color=blue>I'm ba-ack!!!!<br><font color=mag
Apr 28, 2001
Originally posted by Pop Daddy
if it anit broke dont fix it, I love the way the dis is working now.

WOW, I am agreeing with Poop Duddy. I couldn't even sign on the test board, said my password was not correct, I used the same one I have to get on here. :(


<font color=green>Emerald Angel<br><font color=mag
May 12, 2001
On these boards, I can adjust the text size to where I can read it. It didn't seem adjustable on the test board.....:(


<font color=teal>Moderator<br><font color=red>Hono
Feb 15, 2000
Did you register, poohbear? You have to register to log on


Guys you have to RE-REGISTER over on that board. It will NOT use your username and your password from here!!!
When we do the actual conversion you will keep the same username and password


DIS Veteran
Aug 17, 1999
I'm neutral on the conversion. :)

Just curious -- what's new with the new boards that is pushing the conversion to the new version? There must be something behind the scenes that you expect to be better than what we have now, or you would stick with this one. :)

(Yes, I've played with the test board a little, just curious on a more technical level)


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