im really happy!


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Feb 4, 2000
my mom told me last nite that we can go to DIS-CON 2!!

all i have to do is save money for us to fly there and she pay for the rest!
and since i make 40 bucks a week babysitting it wont be hard!

im soo happy!! :D :D

so we are now going march,june,DIS-CON and chirstmas!
our APs are really working this year! :D
omg Jules!!!!!! You're so lucky!!! Take me with you!!! :D

Have a great trip!! :earsgirl:
Yeah Jules!!!!! :)

me and my mom were gonna go...but i think the final decision is that taking me out of school for that long would be very very bad..we have an idea for a way for me to keep up..but who knows...
maybe i'll finally get to meet you:bounce: :bounce:

or you and your mom can come to the cape meet this summer :)

Jules you're so lucky! What is that, your 4th, 5th, 100th Disney trip this year?! Maybe I can somehow convince my parents to let me go (most likely not).
Yeah Jules! Can I come with? lol I'm still trying to convince my mom to let us go in August! :)


Sorry, I was slightly overcome with jealousy when I first read that.

Congrats Jules, that's so cool :D

I'm aiming for DIS CON 3, all donations are welcome......
lol Suzi!! :D :D

norah..see thats the thing with us but DIS-CON is the weekend we usually go to DL so missing 2 days isnt that big of deal since i leave every year...we are leaving wednesday night so i only miss 2 days and since we are going back for cmas staying at WDW isnt the main concern for once! lol

i have an idea...if yall all pay for airfare yall can come stay in our room! :D :D
Airfare...u got it!!! For all the rides, food, and experience, 200 and some dollars is no biggie!!! Lol!! I wish I could. Oh well, have a great time!!!
<font color=blueviolet size=3>That's awesome Jules!! I'll get to meet ya there, I'll be there w/my mom too!


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