Im having such an awful day...kinda long but need advice..


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Sep 23, 2001
My son was up crying ALL night last night that he was scared about something. He could never tell us what it was just making things up in his room and saying if we read one more story he would be okay, patted his back just one more time, one more sip of water, so you know that routine, you think its just a game. Well it went on from 9-11pm, 12:30-2:30am, 3-4 am and finally at 5:30 when my husband left for work he came and crawled into bed with me for a few minutes and zonked out.

I take him to school this am and let the teachers know he might be a little off today because he is so tired and ask if anything happened yesterday in school. Then I ask if yesterday was movie afternoon and they said it was and they watched Wizard of Oz:( :eek: It was all I had not to throw up in his classroom. I felt awful for this poor child who was just traumatized last night and after several hours of it going on, we were just kind of blowing it off.

I know the movie is rated G, but I think its common knowledge that it is a little intense, especially for 4-5 year olds. I think they should have handled one of two ways....A. We were planning on watching Wizard of Oz this week for movie, does anyone think it would be a problem for their child...B. We WATCHED Wizard of Oz today, just so you know if your children have any problems.

Honestly, not just saying this becuase of this circumstance, I can NOT watch that movie. I hate when it comes on TV that once a year, I hated it as a child it totally freaked me out. I even hate the part of the Great Movie Ride that has it in there.

So, my question is, do I approach the director about it? I mean like I said, its not like it is a PG13 movie or something, the teacher did tell me that only one girl in the class was afraid of the witch so they let her go play in another area of the room with toys and stuff, so I don't know how any other children reacted to it. Am I over-reacting about this???

I just feel so terrible today and can not wait to see Matt tonight when we get home so I can give him the biggest hug:(

Thanks everyone!

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Jul 3, 2001
All I can say is that I am 35 years old and the Wizard of Oz still wigs me out. I can remember watching it as a child and it was very scary. Ditto for Willy Wonka! :eek:

How old is your son by the way? :)


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Mar 13, 2002
I think it would be fair to let the teachers and director know how your son reacted and suggest that they may want to consider removing that movie from their list of what should be shown.

It can't hurt to give them the information about how the movie impacted your child in a factual, non-accusing way.


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Jul 11, 2003
Now why would they show a movie like that in school? School should be for education related activities. I don't see how that movie applies? My dd is still in pre-school, and they don't even show uneducational movies.

Poor baby! I hope he feels better soon.

Could you ask the teacher to provide you with a list of movies they may show? I bet he's not the only one who was upset.


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May 1, 2003
A big vote to talk to the director!!

You are correct- that movie has a history of either scaring kids or not- regardless of it's 'G' rating. If 'Movie Afternoon' is a regular occurance, I think the teacher should inform all parents of the movie choices before they are shown. Many people object to other movies for different reasons. I didn't have my daughter see 'The Lion King' because I thought the scene where Simba's dad dies was too intense for her when she was 4-5. She saw it for the first time at age 6.

Even though one girl removed herself from the movie- 4-5 year olds generally aren't old enough to make those judgement calls for themselves and wanting to please the teacher- would just sit through the movie.

I feel for your little guy!!! Luckily, this is something that lots of hugs from caring parents can certainly cure. ::yes::


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Feb 17, 2000
I do not think you are over-reacting at all. My jaw actually dropped when I read the part where you posted the movie that they saw. My dd did not watch that movie until she was probably 7, because she is easily freaked. While it is a wonderful movie, it can be very scary, and I do not think it should be shown in school, especially to such young kids. I think showing movies is fine, but this one was a poor choice. When you are dealing with kids so young, I think it should always be required that parents are notified before hand what movie is to be shown, even if it's Clifford or something. I would absolutely talk to the director.



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Apr 10, 2003
Oh, the poor little guy :( . I definitely think that's an intense movie to be watching at school. I remember when it came on every year and there were parts I couldn't watch even with my parents sitting there. We have yet to even take DD to a movie theater because she doesn't like the dark or loud noise. I would definitely say something to the Director and his teacher so they know for the future. Do they print a schedule of activities so you would know when something like this may happen again? If not I'd just let them know your son was upset and in the future you'd like for him to have the option of going into another room. I did this for DD and it's worked out so far. I also let DD know I spoke with her teachers and if they forgot about the special arrangement that she should ask to go into another room. This helps by giving her control of the situation. Finding Nemo was the movie that did her in.

I feel for your rough night. We once were up all night with DD because some little boy in her class had been mean to her. Some kids really take things to heart (my DD and probably your DS) while others just roll with the punches. Hang in there.

I forgot to add that I've arranged for DD to bring a video in when they've had movie day (usually at holiday time or as a special treat during the winter). She loves sharing a favorite with her friends and it also lets her stay and watch.


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Aug 23, 1999
Sometimes as a reward for achieving some goal in school, the teachers let the kids watch "uneducational" films. I never understood the practice, but it is a common occurance in our school system.

I'm sorry that your son was so effected by the video. Our daughter experienced night terrors when she was around 8yo after reading some particularly scarry stories. These were supposedly age appropriate books, but something in them struck a nerve. She didn't know why she kept waking up terrified, but she did. When we figured out that the books were the problem, we had her switch to some other less scary subject material. But I'm sure that thousands of other children have read the same books and not had this reaction.

I wouldn't be too harsh on the school. There is no way to predict how someone will react to a video, a book, or even a song. I am not trying to make light of your son's situation. Now that you are aware of what triggered his fears, perhaps you will be able to calm him and assure him that it was only pretend. At least you know why he was so scared.


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Oct 23, 2003
Before I finished reading your post, I first thought hmm. Sounds very familiar I wonder if she knows why her DS was up all night it might give me some insight to WHY my DD has been doing the same thing the past week. Then I read what movie they had seen and my brain said, WHAT on earth was the school thinking? That is a horribly scarry movie for 4-5 year olds.:confused:

I would definitely mention how your son was affected to the director. And politely suggest a more suitable movie in the future and possibly a note would have been nice so it could have been your choice for your son to watch that movie. You know how he would react much better than any school. I would be furious!! That is NOT a movie my DD could handle.

Now I wish I could figure out why my DD won't sleep.

:hug: for your son.

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Aug 17, 1999
I think a lot of children that age can watch that movie curled up on the couch with mom and dad, but with their class at school -- no way. That movie was a really stupid choice.

I organize programs for an arts council, and one of the things I do is school programs. Sometimes we also bring our K-2 program to preschool groups. This year we had what was probably our best show ever for the K-2 age group, but he did not want to do the preschoolers b/c his show (mime/masks/movement comedy) has too many surprises. He and his agent said that what works with families at a festival doesn't always work with a large group of young children b/c they need someone with them one on one reminding them that it is pretend.


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Aug 1, 2000
As a former director of a child care center I am APPALLED that they showed that movie. By all means, go to the director and voice your concerns.
Poor guy! I hope he sleeps better tonight. I'm sending him a :hug:


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May 15, 2003
I agree..I can remember being terrified by that movie as a child.. between the wicked witch, and those flying monkeys,,no wonder the poor boy couldn't sleep...I would calmly make them aware of the situation and suggest they choose movies more wisely in the futrure..


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Jul 28, 2000
I think you should say something. There may be other parents who are clueless as to why their child had a rough night.

My step-daughter was terrorized by Wizard of Oz as a child. My own children have never seen it (DS9 & DS4). When they are old enough to make the decision to watch it for themselves, it's their choice. But, until that time, I don't want them to see it.


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Aug 12, 2003
I agree with everyone here. Talk to the director. To this day my mom cannot watch the Wizrd of Oz. She was freaked out as a child and has a serious reaction everytime it's on. She wasn't so scared by the witch or the monkeys but the fact that Dorothy would never get home. It's too intense a movie for 4-5 year olds.

My mom even hates the scebne in the great Movie Ride too!!

Don't chastise the director, just inform them of your son's reaction and that in the future they may want to think twice about showing it.


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Feb 7, 2003
Oh, Lisa, I am sorry. I don't know if I was traumatized by that movie when I was little but I HATE HATE HATE the Wizard of Oz (and I'm 28). Here's a :hug:

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Jun 9, 2003
None of my kids (13, 12 and 9) will watch that movie. They have seen bits and pieces...that's more than enough for them! :eek: I always thought I was odd as a child...all the other kids liked it and I hated it!! MONKEYS that fly?? Mean GREEN witches?!! (talk about ironic, but my HS Alegbra II teacher was her nephew!! He looked just like her!!!! :earseek: ). No, definitely too intense for kids.

My kids, up to and including the ones in MS, have always brought home permission letters before a class shows a movie. Wonder why a pre-school wouldn't follow the same procedures?? :confused:


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Sep 23, 2001
Thank you all for the hugs. I so appreciate it:)

I am going to talk to the director this afternoon when I pick him up. I do have to say, I LOVE his school, really, we are so happy there and we thank them every day for everything they do for Matt and for us.

I do not have a problem with them showing a movie once a week, and never has this been an issue. For all I know, a child could have had a reaction to a different movie that Matt was totally fine with. This one though, I think the first thing that pops up in ones mind when they hear Wizard of Oz is the witch so I dont think I am over reacting with this title.

Thank you all again so much, it really means a lot. I am feeling so down today.
Oct 2, 2000
You have every right to tell the school about the sleepless night you had with your son. I wouldn't be too harsh on them, but they should definitely be aware that not all kids that age are ready for that movie. My SIL's daycare sends home a monthlly calendar that lists all activities for the month, including movies. That way she knows what to expect and can tell the school ahead of time if there will be a problem.

BTW, Your son is a cutie!


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May 20, 2003
Not only is it scary but way to long for 4 and 5 years to watch at school! I was a preschool teacher and I only allowed 1 hour movies in my school. You are sending your child to school to be nurtured and have the chance to interact not sit in front of a long movie so teachers can have downtime. (That is one of the reasons why teachers show movies) One hour on a rainy, snowy day is enough or as a special theme related treated.


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Feb 3, 2004
I agree that it is a little too much for smaller kids but come on people, it's just a movie. All of you that have smaller children, sit them down and explain it to them and show them that everyone is OK in the end. It's only make believe. As for everyone else, time to grow up just a little. Remember, Dororthy dreamed all of it.


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