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    Just back today from 8 nights at OKW (loved it) - it was me, dh, ds5 and dd3 - this was our first time with dd having credits for herself now that she's three so we ended up with a lot of extras but were very happy. We traveled with 2 other families so some of the things in these reviews are about others' food and opinions too.

    Donald's Breakfastosaurus - We've done it before and really liked it - unfortunately we felt VERY rushed this time around, which was a very disappointing start. The food was very good though.
    Whispering Canyon Cafe - I was really looking forward to this one - I was kind of surprised - didn't expect it to be wide open to the hotel lobby like that. Other than that - had great service, really liked the food - didn't do justice to my bottomless milkshake - only had one plus a few sips of a second. I had the penne pasta and dh had steak. The kids got burgers I believe.
    Norway Princess Breakfast - LOVED this one - not rushed at all - great food!!
    Yacht Club Galley - this was in place of our Teppanyaki cancelation - I am happy I found this one - the appetizers (dh and I split the crab cakes and the spinach dip) alone were worth the 10 minute walk outside of EPCOT - EXCELLENT!
    Captain Jack's - Again - rushed here but I wasn't too upset - we were tired and wanted to get home. Had the lobster tails and they were great but if they were removed from the menu - we wouldn't go again - they were the bright spot.
    Tony's Town Square - Went for lunch and I've often seen a lunch menu that is drastically different than the menu I've had the 2 times I've been for lunch - basically it's a dinner menu with steaks and pastas. It was ok though - went mostly so the kids could get some pasta and meatballs which they love. It worked out well that we were eating during the afternoon parade and we walked out on the balcony and watched it with an awesome view!
    Play & Dine at H & V - We've been before - this one was good. The kids danced with the characters - good breakfast food and we went close to lunchtime so we had some lunch options too.
    Olivia's - We did this for convenience since we were staying at OKW - it was very good. I got the grilled steak - the potatoes were very good. I was too full for dessert.

    Now for the CS:
    Pinocchio Village Haus - We like this one - get seats to watch IASW going by.
    Sunshine Seasons - I had the asian combo - the kids selections were a little tough but we like this place.
    Casey's - Good Old Hot dogs can't go wrong there.
    Wolfgang Puck Express - LOVED This - our best CS meal - I got the 4 cheese ravioli and it was great. DH got the lingini - liked it. My friend got the veggie wrap and loved it so much she went back another day and got another one. The kids got the pizza and it was fine - only bad thing is that they don't allow kids to get milk with their DP meal.
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    Great Reviews!
    I have been searching for a TS lunch for our check out day, based on your reviews, I am going to do some more research on Yacht Club Galley!:goodvibes :thumbsup2
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    Thanks good report.
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    Enjoyed, thanx for posting.

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