II swap update - have choices!?


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Aug 18, 1999
Called member services today and they were able to offer us choices: either end of July or 31st August at Harbortown Point Marina resort and club, Ventura, California Central Coast or, 15th September at Marriott's Barony Beach, Hilton Head Island.

I had wanted July or August somewhere but, end of July flight to California is astronomical. End of August is better but, nowhere as low as the September flight to HH. The kids go back to school at the beginning of September, so either trip would mean them missing school which the teachers are fine about and actually encourage.

I am inclined towards HH, as I really like the sound of the place. TUG rating for Harbortown is about 7.4. Not if it had been the Club Avaria, I might be thinking differently. Either way, we would be doing a ten night stay, seven nights at the II exchange then either 3 nights DVC Hilton Head Island, or Charlston Concierge collection, if we took the Hilton Head option. Or 7 nights harbourtown then 3 nights San Fransisco, with the California option.

Which option would be my best choice? Nothing came up for New England in July/August. Thanks.
Cinderella, it all depends upon the TYPE of vacation which you're seeking. If you wish to spend a week at the beach, then I'd definitely go for HH. If you wish to do some SERIOUS sightseeing, including L.A.,Disneyland,San Diego,San Francisco, and even Tiajuana (Mexico), then I'd opt for Ventura.

Calif. is a looooooong way from the U.K. but is worth the trip. Of course, since I'm initially from San Francisco, I'm a little biased;) ;) ;) ;) .


Knowing your situation, I'd take the Barony 2 BR. Weather should be beautiful and it will not be as crowded on HH all others issues being about th same.
Welllllllllllllllllllll, HH is definitely more peaceful than L.A.;) ;) ;) ;) ........
Originally posted by EROS
If you wish to do some SERIOUS sightseeing, including L.A.,Disneyland,San Diego,San Francisco, and even Tiajuana (Mexico), then I'd opt for Ventura.
The problem is that Ventura is not a strategic location from which to tour L.A., Disneyland, San Diego, San Francisco, or Tijuana. It's up the coast from L.A., but still a day's drive from San Francisco. California is a huge state. Sure, you can have fun in and around Ventura (including a boat tour to Channel Islands National Park), but Ventura is a long way from Southern California's top attractions. In comparison, the Four Seasons Aviara Resort Club (northern San Diego County) and Marriott's Newport Coast Villas (coastal Orange County) both offer sorts of top attractions within a one hour (or less) drive.

I've never been to Hilton Head, but it would seem to be a better choice than Ventura, based on whet I've read in your posts. And Marriott's Barony Beach resort should be very nice from the pictures I've seen.
Go with the Barony Beach. We stayed there over Thanksgiving last year and loved it so, we already have another week there this Thanksgiving. Savannah and Charleston are not too far away with lots to do, and if you decide to go to WDW for your three days, it is easy to do from HH. You could take a flight home from WDW. We live about 85 miles from HH and have done three night trips to WDW. Let me know if you have any questions about Barony.

If I remember correctly, your first choice originally was something on HHI so I'd suggest you go with the Barony Beach. It shouldn't be too crowded and also less hot than August. I've always taken the kids out of school for vacations; it only gets to be a problem once they get in high school.

Ventura California is probably an hour's drive from any sightseeing. If you want a beach vacation, you will probably be happier with the Marriott on HHI.

Glad to hear that HHI finally came up for you.

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