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Apr 29, 2001
How far in advance can you make reservations for Emerils? Would one month be okay? Or is it really not necessary if I'm staying at HRH? I'd appreciate your input.
I made reservations at Emeril's about a month ago for dinner at the end of June.
i would highly recommend making reservations at Emeril's. They always seem packed every night. You may be able to get a seat by the kitchen if you walk up, but there are no guarantees. The sooner you make the reservation, the better the time. I made one a month out and I got a 10:30 pm reservation.


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I'll be there the first full week of June, so I'd better give Emerils a call! :D
I believe you can make the reservation 60 days out...I highly recommend it, even if you are going for lunch. We tried several times to get short notice (week or two) reservations...it just doesn't work unless you want to eat really late in the evening. We ended up eating as a walk up (at the bar..and I mean at the bar) for lunch one day. Make a reservation, even if you are staying on property, otherwise, you probably won't be able to eat there.
I called for my reservations at Emerils and the earliest I could get on the days I wanted was 10:00pm (weekend). With my son, he would die if we ate dinner that late. So I finally got a reservation for 8:00pm on a weekday. This is the earliest they had available during our stay at US. Is the food that great? :eek:
They will not take res's for more than 60 days in advance. They average 10 cancellations per night.

You can eat at the bar which is quite nice. Have the "Emeril Sky" to drink.

If you are going for dinner and you live in the area; Valet! Emeril's is the only place that validates. Make sure to tip the runner though!
I made my reservations exactly 90 days out. It was for a weekend night and the only choices left for 2 was 8:30 or 5:30 (I took 8:30). They did say that I needed to call 24 hours before to reconfirm orthey would drop the reservations, but my advice is don't wait if you want a weekend!
Food is fabulous!

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I made reservations yesterday for Sat. Aug. 18th at 8pm. They had space available. They started taking ressies for August in May.


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