If you could only stay at one resort, which resort would it be?

Where would you stay if you had only one choice?

  • Old Key West

  • Boardwalk Villas

  • Villas at Wilderness Lodge

  • Beach Club Villas

  • Vero Beach

  • Hilton Head

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Aug 18, 1999
This is an off shoot of another poll, which asked which resort you would own if you could only buy into one.

I would like to know where you would choose to stay, if you only had one option.

Of course, the beauty of DVC is that we do have many options, but I still think it will be interesting to see where our hearts truly are. :) Mine, of course, is firmly planted at the Boardwalk.
I own at BWV but prefer the seclusion of OKW. Plus being close to the golf resort is a +
I bought my first points at OKW because that is where I wanted to be more often than not. I've since added at VWL which I love but if I had to do it all over again, I'd still buy first, and stay first, at OKW.
DW and I bought first at VB (Close to MIL) and added on at VWL (Cause we love WL) but after staying at OKW in December, We need to buy a resale.:smooth:
OKW would be our first choice on Disney property. But off Disney property would be VB over HH.:D

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