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Discussion in 'Transportation' started by diznee princess, Nov 13, 2009.

  1. diznee princess

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    Mar 4, 2001
    Ok, we decided to be the guinea pigs... so I booked a minvan through Alamo for our trip last week using the SUNPRO Promo code.
    I also had a back up ressie for the same thing through Alamo as well, for the online last minute weekly rate of 249.00 plus taxes no coupons for 7 days.

    Our trip was Oct 30-Nov 7
    When we arrived we used the reservation with Sunpro to check in.
    Check in was usual. First we tried the Kiosk but it wouldn't let us checkin that way, so off to the counter we had to go.
    The man at the counter took my DH's info and credit card. After the usual check procedures, he mentioned that this rate included the insurance and the pre pay gas.
    He then paused a moment and asked how we got this rate.
    My husband said his wife got it online somewhere. He said "Oh, this is a UK rate". My DH said 'oh really' (The tuth was neither of us knew where this rate came from other than I found it here on the Dis Forums and the debate as to where it came from)

    He then handed him the paperwork and told him to go pick the car up. We did and had no problem showing paperwork and ID at departure booth. He did not say the insurance would not be valid or that we could not use that code. If he had I would have used my other reservation.

    No problems with returning the van either.
    We had also called in and kept the car one more night, no problem there!
    In fact they were going to charge us another 30.00 for returning it 1 1/2 hrs later than pick up time but told us the machine aways charges by the time & to go into the little office booth in the garage and have it removed. We did and they took that charge off the bill, no questions asked! And we weren't even complaining about the extra charge, we woud have just paid it.

    The end result, with extra days added, included prepay full tank gas, daily full insurance coverage, taxes/fees and rental of minivan for 9 full days was around 304.00 total.
    I also used the 40.00 off coupon with the Sunpro rate which pretty much paid for the gas tank pre pay charge!
    BTW the prepay charge was only 2 cents more than the going gas prices around orlando at the time of rental.

    So now after some debates on the forums here, its laid to rest where the code SUNPRO comes from. It may very well be a corporate code or leisure one but it is definitely a UK code and we were able to use it without problem!:thumbsup2
    anyone else...use at your own risk
  2. jlewisinsyr

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    Mar 29, 2007

    I would consider yourself lucky, and I would HIGHLY discourage anyone from doing this.

    1. It wouldn't matter what the agent said in terms of if the insurance was valid or not, the contract ultimately is the precendence and buried deep in that contract there are sections that cover renting under false pretense, which includes using codes you are not eligible for. If you were in an accident, you can bet the company is going to pull the contract and start asking for proof of eligibility.

    2. Past codes that are "questionable" have quickly been discontinued by agencies or they have cracked down on proof.

    3. (and this is where the points will come) It seems everyone has a price for ethics.
  3. keishashadow

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    Dec 30, 2004
    so it's a UK rate code that doesn't require residency?popcorn::

    Bizzare that the clerk indicated the origin of the code, yet didn't take the responsibility to point out that using a code you're not entitled to may be an issue on several different levels.:upsidedow When he stated the code had an UK association, you had the option to bow out. Why he permitted you to rent using it without code supported ID is puzzling; as I've been asked to provide AAA card with Alamo several times in MCO perhaps im the shifty looking sort.;)

    Once the clerk (and you ascertained) that it was a UK code, which i assume is provided solely for residents of the UK; I'd venture that knowingly accepting the contract would likely violate the insurance coverage associated with it and the term insurance fraud could easily arise if you encountered a claim.:confused3

    Perhaps you're not aware that rental car companies have been so aggressive with even scratches on their vehicles. Always good to do a quick inspection before you leave the garage jik. I really shudder to contemplate what would happen if an accident had befallen you. You squeaked through unscathed, and I'm certainly not going to question your ethics; just don't want to see a DIS noob get burned badly to save a few $s using a code they are not eligible to use.
  4. diznee princess

    diznee princess Never Enough Disney!

    Mar 4, 2001
    I figured I would get some feedback on ethics. :rolleyes:
    I'm certainly not encouraging anyone to use the code, just thought I'd relate my experience in using it. Since there was so much debate on where it came from and if it were a corporate code.

    We didn't know where it came from when we booked it. We just decided to try booking with it to see what would transpire since the price was very good. If they denied the booking we would use another booking code. No problem.

    When he mentioned it being a UK code, that was all he said, had my DH sign the papers and initial and then sent us on our way.
    It wasn't a question of ethics or whether we should or should not use it at that moment, my DH really did not give it much more thought, since the agent seemed to be ok with the rate code and he went on with the normal rental spiel.
    He had our ID and knew we were not UK residents. If it was a code that required residency, He never said anything more. My DH doesn't think that much about those things, he just goes with the flow. I make the booking he shows up and signs : ) He just wants to be on the road as quick as possible. He figured it was all good.
    I was not at the counter as I was not driving and was waiting nearby with luggage & the kids. So I found out it was a UK code after my DH returned with the agreement and we went to get the car.

    I did read through the entire agreement after leaving the garage on the way to our resort. I saw the fine print on eligibility, IMO it could be debatable in a court.
    If something were to happen, we would have to deal with it then, we were already on the road by that time anyway.
    I would guess the agent would play a role in it as well, it would have been his place to point out that the rate would make everything null and void Or deny us the rental rate in the first place without a UK address.
    :confused3... I don't know, good thing we were fortunate enough not to have had to find out.

    We are well aware of some companies being particular in the dings and scratches in cars. We always check them out before getting into them.You have to especially check for chips in the windshield with some companies.
    Its one of the reasons we rent from Alamo. Unlike Thrifty and other smaller co.'s they never give us problems and we can pick our own car. We rent from them all over the U.S.

    BTW,We rent from Alamo on a regular basis so when our ID is inputed into the computer our information automatically comes up address & all.
    In fact Alamo is just about the only company we rent from.
    We have never been asked for any IDs other than our DL and we have never been asked for actual coupons either, from Costco, SW, or any membership cards, etc. when using the codes in all the years we have rented with them. Even when I have offered them up myself, I've been told its not neccessary.
    I have never used an AAA code. I think whenever those are used anywhere they ask for the card. (Hotels have asked for our Airline ID or my CLIA only when getting discounts)
    Guess we have been fortunate with Alamo over the years.

    We don't plan on using the sunpro again, now that we know what it's for. And as I said before I do not encourage anyone to use it. I just wanted to share what I knew of the promo code rate by experience. Its all said and done now so no use debating the issue.

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