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Jun 29, 2012
I decided to stop playing all Disney Online Games. "Why?" You might ask?
Well, in experience Disney creates a game (such as VMK) as then decides okay, we got enough $$ from the players we don't need the game(s) any more and takes away the game (such as VMK).

To me, players now wasted time, & money for the online game. I know it's the players own actions but to create a game, have people spend their hard earned money just to delete the game in the long run, makes no sense. :(

I think once people have put some time, effort and $ in the game I think it's a bad idea on Disney's side to take it all away. Now (to me) I just feel like I wasted time & money which is why I no longer play online games...Disney or Non Disney.

What are your opinions? I loved VMK.


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Apr 22, 2006
I agree it's disappointing when a game ends and it can no longer be played, but I don't necessarily think that makes it a waste of money. Rather I look at it like any activity, you're getting enjoyment from the activity at that moment. I can't honestly imagine any game maker supporting a game forever, so everything will end at some point. I wish there was more notice when a game is going to end, but I don't think many folks would continue to play a game that won't have any new content, so I'm not surprised that games rather abruptly end. I suppose, also, that it takes a mind shift from the old console games where once you've bought the game, it's your's forever (or until it or the console breaks). I guess I think of app games like any other activity, I'm enjoying it while I'm playing it and if I put money into it, then I derive enjoyment from that purchase at that time. I don't expect it last for an indefinite period of time. I try to think of app games as being more like going to a movie theater to watch a movie or going out to eat dinner. Both activities cost money and come to an end, but when the activity is over I don't feel like I've wasted my money or time just because it's over.


Earning My Ears
Jan 17, 2018
I agree. Even though im new to disney magic kingdom game im not new to games with pay to play/win or micro transactions. Though they can feel like a block to progress at a quicker pace ( if at all) through a game, i still consider it a short term investment in a fun activity today and hopefully beyond the time i grow ired of playing. I think the problem is when we as players put enough money into a game where we feel we cant walk away from it because we are then “throwing away” our investment. When i play i try to always remind myself this will pass eventually. The game may stop growing, leaving me nowhere further to progress and I’ll find some other form of entertainment or(unfortunately) my data can be lost. It happens to me because i dont backup on Facebook. Sometimes its like losing a friend but all i can do is try to figure out if the time and money I’ve put in is worth being hurt over the loss or if i can walk away knowing i had fun while it lasted and im ready for something new


Which way to the Hundred Acre Woods
Oct 22, 2004
I play, but only invest my time, not my money (because as you say, they can take it away when they want).
I enjoy the sense of accomplishment and still continue to play.


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