I should have known!


Earning My Ears
Aug 12, 2000
Thought that might get your attention! No, just kidding! I should have know you guys would be right! I just a few minutes ago bought my first Teva's. Ya'll were right...they feel GREAT! Now, I have just 51 days to break them in! Is that enough time? I have never spent over 40.00 for a pair of sandals, so I hope they are worth it! I have heard a lot of people that say they switch off between their tennies and their sandals, and that's what I'm hoping to do so I don't have to take so many shoes! I have arthritis and sometimes my feet do ache so keeping my fingers crossed they won't
I spend about 89 on my Teva's and I have to say yes it is definitely worth it! I did find a piar for about 36 on sale but I like the ones for 89 better! if they are comfortable on your feet and cause no blisters then I say yes its worth it! and welcome to the world of teva's!

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Hey good luck!! The first park I wore mine to,was the world showcase to see TON AND ILLUMINATIONS,I thought somthing was wrong[i'm diabetic]cuz i couldn't "feel" the ground. Well, it was the thud of my heel hitting the pavement that i didn't Feel!!!

It was like walking on air!!

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Okay...I have to ask the "nasty" question....do your feet sweat in these sandals???
This is the reason I prefer sneakers and socks..but would love to hear your opinions!!
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Your feet will sweat but you won't even know it because the sweat will evaporate.

If this is your first time wearing sandels in a sunny climate for extended preiods: HEAD MY WARNING >>>>>> WEAR SUNSCREEN ON THE TOP & SIDES OF YOUR FEET !!!! If you don't the burn could be so bad that you will not be able to walk the next day !!
and spray your feet with antiperspirant. It helps.

I want a pair! I hate, hate, hate sneakers in warm weather. As soon as the temperature is above 75, I am a sandal girl-- and I walk a lot where I live (we don't have a car.) Sweaty feet? The air just cools em' right off.

I need a pair of these Tevas. Are there chains that carry them? (I'm in NY.) I looked on the REI Outlet as recommended here, found a great pair at a good price but they are brown, and I want black. Yes, I know I'm picky, but I am planning on living in these things all summer up until my September trip, so I deserve to be. <IMG WIDTH="15" HEIGHT="15" SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_razz.gif" alt="razz">

You can check www.Teva.com but the prices will be higher!! and if you haven't checked www.rei-outlet.com lately they have add a bunch of new sandles!!And the Chocolate Teva Curcuit sandles Don,t look like the pic on the rei site. They are a dark warm brown straps w/darker brown connectors and soles!!

Plus I went to the mall to try on Teva'sandles, there were two shoe stores that carried them!!


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Or www.llbean.com. They sometimes have specials.

I don't burn easily so I don't wear sunscreen much but I can say that I usually have the funniest tan lines on my feet from my Tevas. I love them!


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Got mine at Academy. Didn't see black though. Mine are a light blue, but I wear a lot of denim.


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