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Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by Scrappy_Tink, Aug 15, 2011.

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    ...my DISplans!! (my drug of choice! :good vibes )

    I'm contemplating whether or not my CP package for Teppan Edo is worth the price for lunch. It irks me that we will pay over $100 for lunch, when we could chance it that there will be General Admission seating available when the show starts....we don't plan on staying for Illuminations, as we are staying at BLT for only two nights and want to catch Wishes from the Top of the World. (We'd leave the park right after the 5:00 CP. )

    Our plans for that day (Thursday, Dec 15) are to sleep in (going to MVMCP the night before), Teppan Edo at 1:50 pm, walk around WSC until 5:00 CP, then to BLT for Wishes, followed by dinner at Ohanas at 9:20 (Wishes is at 8:30, I'm thinking it's about 20 minutes, so that will give us 1/2 hour by monorail to get to the Poly)

    I'm just really not sure if it's worth it for lunch? I've read a ka-zillion posts with pros & cons, and you'd think I'd know which way to go by now!! :confused3
    We've been to WDW several times, but this will be our first Christmas time visit.....we'll be visiting EPOCT earlier in the week too, so we aren't concerned about rides/FPs.

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