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Mar 30, 2001
I have been a long time reader of the boards and I have learned so many things... I was going to book my vacation for next May through WDWTC and get a package, but reading all of your tips has me wondering... If I get AP, what kind of discounts can I get at ASMo for May???


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Apr 8, 2001
well as discount for ap is 60 a night no biggie but you can get moderates onb the ap for 89. thats less than the rack for as. i git po rs or dxl for this rate. moderate for the price of the as. that to we is worth it right there. my ap allows me also to go more than once a year. I get my regular vacation in but without having to pay for passes again i can look for a cheap hotel rate and airfare and pop down for a weekend sometimes dirt cheap. going in may to dxl for 5 days memorial weekend. 2 people for 600 total from ny to disney direct flight. thats only 300 a piece. if we had to pay for passes again it would more than double that price. Even if you only can go once a year, take next years trip a week earlier than his year and the passes will still be good. 2 vacations one one set of passes. that will pay for them right there. if you have any questions feel free to email me. always here to help. or post here again. we are always glad to help.

ps enjoy the trip. :D

Thanks everyone and have a magical day.

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Jan 9, 2000
I personally have never found a package that was cheaper then booking it myself. I play travel agent for many of my friends and always save them lots of money.

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Aug 25, 2000
Becareful WHEN you pick your dates for!! Make sure that it's a value season!!


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