I Need American Idol Play By Play (Cable Went Out)


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May 17, 2000
just watched the recap
I really liked Kelly's Walk on By the best
Tamayra was 2nd fav
I think Justin & Nikki will be two with least votes
& Nikki will get the boot

I just realized I have no life
My DH & DD have long since left me down stairs watching this by myself ... well not really I had you guys

I need to get out more right
I'm pathetic
and I can't wait to tune it tomorrow to see who gets voted off

Big Dude

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Sep 5, 2000
Wow. You people were awesome! Thank you so much to elgerber, Mom2Em and especially my neighbor luv2nascar! I would have been lost without you! Cable is still out over here. luv2nascar, I had no idea you were that close to me. Our families have to have a mini-meet sometime. I just got back from Watkins Glen on Monday after the NASCAR race. What a wild weekend! Thanks again all!!

Adam aka Big Dude


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Jul 27, 2000
She WOW-ED them again!;) Had Paula CRYING! Gave me chills--she is awsome!:o Did anyone see RYAN STARR in the audience?? No-one acknowleged her, they kept putting the camera on her too!:confused: Nikki's son is sooo cute!:p Christina was there, and the Ryan guy asked how she was, she said she was ok.;) Don't forget: TOMORROW AT 9:30PM est!;) Big Dude hope your cable is fixed!;)
  • Casey's mom

    Mar 15, 2000
    My brother came over with a friend who needed some legal advice and wanted to go through some documents with me (right at the start of the show), so I missed the first three singers. I couldn't tell them to leave -- the guy has been badly defrauded by someone and needed help, but yikes did they have bad timing! Thanks for updating me on what I missed!!! :D


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    Sep 6, 2000
    Wow, Nikki really blew it tonight... Thought the song was good, but she didn't do very well. I think RJ is pretty weak too. By Tamrya... WOW! And Kelly is great!!! :)


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    May 17, 2000
    Very jealous of the race
    DH & I usually go to 2-4 races a year
    but we are closing on a new house in two weeks &
    we don't have any extra money for races this year
    It's a sickness - nascar.
    Trying to be a grown up with grown up responsibilities is no fun
    I wanta go to a race.

    Hope the cable is restored soon
    we have service electric cable & it's been good tonight


    Wasting away in Pegulaville
    Aug 19, 1999
    I got hooked on this show thanks to my kids. I really like Kelly...tonight was not her best but she did a good job. These songs aren't always easy to sing and all I hear is Dionne Warwicks singing and compare everyone to the original!!! Tamyra's song was very good, I think it will come down to her and Kelly as the final 2. RJ sings and looks like a lounge singer at some resort. BUT he does have great teeth..you can tell he spent some big bucks on them!!! Justin is ...I can't even describe him. And then there is NIkki...way out of her league to night....I felt sorry for her having to go last. I think we say bye, bye to Nikki tomorrow.
  • Michelle

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    Apr 21, 2000
    Tamyra gives me GOOSE BUMPS when she sings, she's that good. She is in a class by herself, I think, way better than the rest. Justin and Kelly are good at times, but just not superstar material.

    Nikki really sang poorly tonight, she WAS singing flat the whole time and I think she'll be booted. Her kid is cute, though! :)

    Sharon A.

    Just do it already :)
    Aug 17, 1999
    You know what I learned watching the show? I don't really like most of the Burt Bacharat songs. Tamyra really wowed them with her song, but the rest were a little boring.

    I'd rank them like this, based on tonight's performance:

    Tamyra, Kelly, Justin, RJ and last would be Nikki. Maybe she'll get some sympathy vote since her son was there.

    Simon is brutally honest, but I do agree with him in that Tamyra, Kelly and Justin are a cut above Nikki and RJ.


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    May 5, 2001
    My power zapped off for a few seconds during the show, but came back on! I kind of felt sorry for Nicky, because Simon called her a wedding singer. It'll be interesting to see what happens with her! I can't believe that Paula cried on the show, how unproffessional! I don't think that she makes a good critic, she's too nice.

    I think either Kelli or Tamyra will win!:D


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