I live in Oregon,can you just see.....


Pixie Dust or Bust!!
Aug 25, 2000
me arriving at the airport,tent,sleeping bags,air matt.,cooler,camp stove,and air condtioner,dining tent already to carry on!!!!!LOL,LOL

Just couldn't resist the mental image!! :D :D :D :cool:

We live in Minnesota - and we drive down for 2 weeks and camp at FW.

But, we have tossed around the idea of flying with all our stuff. But, you're right - there's just too much! Maybe if all we had were tents and sleeping bags.....but with the screen tent, stove, appliances, suitcases, pillows, food, coolers, etc, etc, etc. there's no way!

- Rhonda :-)
Camping Board Co-Moderator
Just out of curiousity, how long did it take you to drive down? Did you drive straight through? How was the drive

I can't convince my husband to endure a 52 hour drive from Edmonton, AB in July.


Our drive is 24 hours. Sometimes we drive straight through, but most times we stop after the first 15 hours. That way, we have a shorter drive the second day and we are much more awake when we arrive! :D

The drive is fun - it's part of what we look forward to on our trips! We always see interesting things and have fun on the way down and back!

- Rhonda :-)
Camping Board Co-Moderator


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