I Have To Change My June 2003 Plans

Wish Upon A Star

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Aug 10, 2000
Geeze . . .good thing I haven't booked any airfare yet . . .

We are supposed to go to WDW June 28 - July 5 . . .

June 27th DH cousin is getting married and . . .
June 28th my Niece is getting married (I totally forgot:o )

Sooooooooooooo I guess we'll be going on June 29th . . .What a weekend that is going to be . . .

Unless I change my plans totally and go during April Vacation, but right now those flights are over $400/Round Trip :rolleyes:

Ugh . . .decisions . . .decisions . . .
Ah, I'm so sorry your plans won't be able to go as planned! Is there any possible way to take alternate flights to WDW in April (such as connections or alternate airports)? I know I had trouble getting flights for October, then a couple flights opened up (not very good flight times, but the fare was good).

Good luck, Wish.
Cali -

Just talked with my sis to see if my niece would be able to go during April vacation . . .but April isn't a good time because she does dance . . .we are taking her along with us . . .

Sooooooooo I guess that leaves me with June 29th - July 5. . .

I guess it won't be that bad . . .we'll just be short a day . . .

P.S. Airfare is just totally off the wall right now huh?
Argh, I don't even want to talk about the prices of airfare! I think the days of paying under $200 to Orlando are about over. It took so much to get a room at WDW at a good rate, then I found out airfares went up! To get an "okay" rate, I had to fly in the night before - then found out the rates at the Airport Hyatt were really high! So, a call to CRO, and we get ASMu for the first night with AP discount. :rolleyes: Agh, atleast we are going!

Well, looks like you will be going to WDW 6/29-7/5, then! Do you have your heart set on CBR, or will you switch to one of the deluxes when good rates come out? You might be able to get the Contemporary wing for a little more than CBR. :)

The reason for CBR is:

We are going to request connecting rooms . . .there will be Me, DH and DS in one and DD and DN in the other.

I cannot imagine sharing one bathroom and drawer space with all 5 of us including two teenage girls. Having one bathroom for that many people is kind of scary! It was bad enough when it was just 4 of us . . .there was more than one occasion when two people had to go at the same time.

Besides, each girl will have their own bed and so will my DS. I would love to stay back at the Poly with them, but there is no way it'll work . . .I figure it'll be perfect getting two rooms and it will cost just about the same.

It'll be my first time at CBR and I'm looking forward to something different.:D
You might also want to consider a 2 bedroom at OKW, BWV, BCV or WLV. It may not be much more that the 2 rooms at the CBR. then you can even save more money with the kitchen and the washer and dryer. It may be a little more because of the Friday night. It might be worth a try, check out the Disney vacation club rent/trade board


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