I have found the downside of DVC ownership


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Jul 15, 2001
One of the favorite part of my trips has always been the planning. My trip is still 142 days away and I don't think I can plan anything else. I try to find something to do with it every day but there just isn't anything left to do since I don't need to worry about trying to find a better discount or try to squeeze in everything at once. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I can do for the next 142 days?

I went to the Disney store today with my three year old and we were there for over an hour. I did get some great deals though, huge clearance sales going on. If I don't find something Disney to do soon I may end up buying an add on at the BCV. Personally I don't think thats such a bad thing but my husband would probably kill me.

So how did everyone get away from the need to plan?

Thanks for any thouhgts.

hi: you can still plan your ps! we try to make sure we will be able to do a couple of old favorites and try to figure out some new places to check out. this was a bit of a challenge on our november trip last year with the food and wine festival. we weren't sure what to do with the ps because of this, and we kind of "winged" it on many days.
You can do what the rest of us do, spend more time on the computer with your fellow DVCer's.:D :D :D
Regina is right! I always plan and re-plan PS ressies, who is going with us NEXT time, and I plan 10 years of point usage!
But when you use your points for the Disney Cruise there are no PSs to plan! Then what? I just hid the countdown clock. 10 months and 10 days is wayyyy too far away for me.
As said, you can always plan the next trip. I am leaving tomorrow for a Magical cruise, but am still working on the plans for our March..and November trip :)
I work on scrapbooks of our past trip. Helps to remember what we did and didn't do, and what we want to make sure to do again!

Of course, I'm still working on last year's trip, and we leave to go home to BWV in three weeks! Guess I better get busy.
Maybe it is time to try and find the hidden mickeys at the DVC resorts:smooth:
You can still hop on over to the resort boards and help them with their planning!

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