I gotta give the Fast Pass creator a hug! Day Twelve

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    Feb 5, 2001
    When you have two weeks, you really have time to see most attractions in all 4 parks. We were delighted to be able to see things we either had never seen or at least hadn't seen in a long time. We also were able to ride our favourite rides over and over again. Today we did just that. We decided to begin the day at MGM. We did RNC twice and ToT once - all with no lines. We wandered around in the shops of Sunset blvd and decided that we'd like to create a Disney music room in our house. We're going to try to buy one item on each trip and eventually the room will be very Disney-ish.

    We then caught Four for a Dollar again and decided to leave before B&B show started. It's not that we don't like the show, we just like the preshow better. We went back to WWTBAM. Dh was determined to at least make the top ten. He succeeded! He came in 4th place. It must be tough to get into the hotseat. Dh got every question correct and pushed the button as soon as he could. Two delightbul english women beside us were so excited to see dh got into the top ten. Dh didn't admit it, but I think he liked the attention!! We caught the Muppet 3D show one last time and took the boat back to Epcot. We got a fast pass for Test Track and went to Wonders of Life. I had never seen the "Making of Me" show with Martin Short. It was cute and well done. I did Body Wars next by myself while dh waited. We then went back to the Land building. We did the land ride and had a very good tour guide this time. What a difference that makes. We went back up to the AP lounge and were surprised by the crowd. Lots of pin traders were there. There wasn't even room to sit down. The pop machine had run out of syrup and CO2 so we didn't get a drink this time. We were a little disappointed this time, but we had been to the lounge so often that it really didn't matter.

    We decided to temporarlily split up so dh could check one of the friendship boats for his sunglasses. He wasn't willing to give up the search just yet. I went onto the Imagination ride instead. When I got out, it was pouring and I didn't have my poncho with me. I decided to make a run for it b/c it didn't look like the rain was about to let up. I went to go into the closest innoventions buildings, but this one entrance was closed due to the pin trading conference. Oh no! I ran around the building and got shelter where they sell those big bouncy balls (by the big water fountain). I was supposed to meet dh at Test Track which was way at the other side of FW. I suddenly saw dh at the other overhang by Electric Umbrella (other side of the fountain). He was obviously trying to decide what to do. I tried waving him down but he didn't see me.

    Just then, the CM selling the balls, asked me if the other person had seen me waving. I said no so he got on his phone and phoned the guy selling the balls at the other overhang where dh was. Just then, dh started to walk away so I watched while the CM ran after him to get him back. It was pretty funny, not to mention nice of the CM's trying to help us out! Dh got onto the phone and we discussed what our plan should be. I wanted dh to come to where I was, and he wanted me to go where he was. The CM by me concurred that dh should have to get wet since I was soaking by now!

    So, who won out? FOOD won out! Dh wanted to eat at the Electric Umbrella so off in the rain I went. It was a pretty funny situation. While eating our lunch, we noticed the next table over was full of teenagers who had raided the toppings bar without buying food. They were just eating a bunch of pickles. *sigh* It's people who do that who make them raise prices or take the topping bars away altogether.

    Test Track had been closed due to rain so we got another test track fast pass for later in the day. We then walked through Innoventions East. We had fun playing around in there. It was pretty empty for some reason so CM's were glad to see us. We did Spaceship Earth again and headed to test track. Due to it closing so much that day, the line was pretty long when it did reopen. We were very happy to see that they were honouring all fast passes for that day. The fast pass machines were no longer in use for the day. We got to ride twice in a row in a very short time from our two fast passes that day. What a thrill! We spent lots of time looking at the cars at the exit of test track. I figure I made him ride the Imagination ride a lot during this trip, so the least I can do is watch a few stages open with cars! ;) We did a little shopping before heading back to WS for Illuminations. We went back to our spot by Mexico and had another great view. The music is just beautiful in this show. We shuffled with the crowd out of the park and had a quick swim. We had the pool to ourselves! Only a couple days left of the trip. It's going to be hard to leave this place!
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    Oct 26, 2001
    How thoughtful those Epcot CMs can be! :)

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