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Spaceman Spiff

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Apr 6, 2000
I was looking at the pictures for the rehab of Animal Actors(now Animal Planet Live) at www.mouseplanet.com and was wondering if that is what the Orlando version will look like or is that the Orlando version? Thanks guys! :D

hey jp i am pretty sure that that is the stage for the one in hollywood but i am not sure if the one in orlando will look like that hey if you go before in 2002 please tell me the answers.

cant wait for royal pacific resort !!!!!!!!
:D :D
we saw the rehearsal, and i cant even tell you if those photos are orlando or not....they could be...i kind of think they are not.....was that helpful? it really didnt look very different than the old show in any way....i am a true animal fan, and i wasnt very impressed...it was good...not great, but good...maybe the rehearsal wasnt the whole real deal....
The stage in Orlando is a refit, not a redo-this is Hollywood you're looking at. In Orlando, the video wall is covering the temple face (This hole for those who remember the show)

Having seen the rehearsal-it's a very different show.


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