I didn't think Buzz Lightyear ride at MK was accurate - is MIB better as far as


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Feb 28, 2000
the laser guns? On Buzz it seemed like it didn't matter how well a shot you were. I'm hoping MIB is better technology.
Well kinda. The guns are alot better (because it is supposed to be ALOT bigger of an attraction than Buzz) but it is alot harder to hit targets and see the red "laser" (notice the quotation fingers :-) ) because you are moving so fast. Maybe you get used to it after repeat rides but I can't waste Islands of Adventure time walking over to USF just for MIB.

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I found MIB a lot better than Buzz. First, the guns aren't fixed to the car, so you can shoot around corners and over your shoulder. Second, the buttons on Buzz really wear out your tumb. You can hold down MIB's gun trigger and shoot away. Third, the aliens are much more 3-D than the cardbaord cutouts in Buzz. True, Buzz is longer, but MIB is more fun.


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One of the ride designers profiled on the recent Travel channel special also stated that it is actually better to aim for objects far away due to the fact that the laser "widens" the further it travels, therefore you do no need to be as accurate.
The guns not being attatched is a big plus also.
Buzz and MIB are both great rides, but even the line is cool on MIB! The guns and cars you go in are cool and at the end, they take a picture of you (no pictures on buzz.) Another difference is that you are playing against another team on MIB. MIB is for big kids (and adults) but Buzz is for little kids because the targets are more clearly marked and it is very colorful inside, I suggest trying both though :)


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