I didn't get any "YOAMD" wishes but. ..

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    Aug 14, 2004
    I ALWAYS gave away my fast passes that we decided not to use. The day we were checking out we had 1 table service meal left so I gave it to someone we met that was just heading out to the parks. And I offered my front seat in Soarin to a family with a 4 year old girl who was there with the Make A Wish fondation. Got to talking with her family and found that they were from Tenn (we were from MS) and got up for the ride and we ALL got to sit in front. I'm not trying to be my own :cheer2: and tell everyone what a good person I am but it does make you feel better when you pass those dreams over to others.

    I did talk to one person that had the dream fast pass and I think they give them out really early in the day. I felt like the last day me and my dd11 would have gotten one because we were at the front of the line at the dropping of the ropes for adventureland but my dd17 who was sick (with her aunt) in the hotel called me to come back to the room (which we did). But my dd11 ended up getting to go with her best friend and stay out till 12:30 when the parks closed and rode all she wanted. So. . . things turned out fine anyway.

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