I can't decide: East Coast or West Coast


Earning My Ears
Oct 12, 2012
Some background on our family:

I will have a VIBE-er and an EDGE-er on this cruise. We want to combine a land/sea, and we have been to both parks before as well as on the Wonder Pacific Coast & Magic Western Caribbean.

I need advice from anyone who has done Wonder Baja and Dream Bahamas.

IYO - 5-days DL (we LOVE this resort, and want the 5 days), 1 day Universal Hollywood & 5-night Baja OR 6 days WDW, 1 day Universal Orlando & 4-night Bahamas.

Thanks so much, my husband also thanks you so I stop driving him insane with my waffling.


DIS Veteran
Sep 8, 2015
I'd say that the 4 night Bahamas with a Castaway Cay day would be better than a 5 night Baja.

As a side note, I would question the "1 day Universal Orlando" plan. You need both parks to do all of the Harry Potter items (and a park hopper to do the Hogwarts Express train between Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade). If the total number of days needs to stay at 11, I'd cut WDW to 5 days and do 2 days at Universal/Island of Adventure.
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Feb 5, 2012
Initial thought: East Coast as the Dream is a ship you haven't experienced yet.

However, as you say you LOVE Disneyland... What would happen if you go East Coast, is there a chance you would miss not going to DL, or regret picking WDW over DL? If you feel DL is the better place for your family, then go West. You know you love DL, you know the Wonder and what you will get, and basically is the 'safest' option for having a great vacation.

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  • lilsonicfan

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    Jan 20, 2003
    My thoughts:
    - 5 night cruise beats 4 night cruise.
    - Universal Orlando you definitely should do 2 days for the Harry Potter part at least
    - DL is also my fave over WDW due to walkability/accessibility
    - Universal Orlando however is my fave over Universal Hollywood

    Overall: I'd go with choice #1.


    Apr 15, 2019
    You have to weigh your own experiences and desires to be able to get your answer.

    For me, I would opt for the West Coast option because A) I sailed on the Dream and didn't really "love it", B) I hate the Nassau port of call, C) I just did a cruise with Castaway Cay, D) I've been to WDW this year and going again for Food & Wine, and E) I've never been on the Wonder (only one left).


    DIS Veteran
    Dec 4, 2010
    I've completed several Mexican Rivera cruises on the Wonder and I've also done the Bahamian cruise on the Dream. Although I enjoy visiting Castaway Cay I would definitely prefer the Wonder cruise over the Dream cruise you described.

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  • pearljammer

    Jul 19, 2010
    Here are things I’d think about. First off, the only thing I like about the Wonder was Tiana’s place. It’s my fav restaurant of all of them. Second, the AquaDuct on the Dream is fun not to mention the Detective Agency. You’ll love the Dream if you’d not been on it. I for one will say I did enjoy Disney Land (and CA Adventure) probably more than WDW BUT I still love WDW as well. I’m uncertain if Encinata is a stop on the Baja cruise but that place is not great while Castaway Cay is always awesome! So if you’ve done the Wonder and have already done Disneyland, I’d easily do Dream. By the way, I won’t waste my money on Universal Studios again! (Now we’ve not done Isle of Adv mind you). Good luck and either way, regardless both would be good choices. So.....perhaps it comes down to money and which gives you the better deal?? I don’t see how either would be a bad choice but saving money (depending on if it’s significant or not as that would pay for rebooking on board) may contribute to the choice made. Did I mention I loved Tiana’s place??????? *smile*

    jdb in AZ

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    Feb 11, 2011
    What time of year are you thinking of going? If it's summer, I'd choose west coast because DLR isn't nearly as humid as WDW, and less chance of hurricanes.

    I'm also a fan of the smaller, classic ships. The dream class has a lot of bells and whistles, but just feels too large.


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