1. DVacationer

    Just Back From The Disney Dream…

    I just returned from my 1st cruise EVER. It was a 4 night merrytime cruise on the Disney Dream out of Port Miami. I wanted to see what all the fuss was about regarding cruising and how it compares to my all time favorite vacation destination, Disneyworld. Here are my rapid fire thoughts The...
  2. C

    Nightlife on the Dream? Evolution- dancing?

    We cruised this past October on the Dream and there wasn't any dancing/nightlife on the ship it seemed. For anyone who has sailed recently is there a DJ at Evolution and is the dancefloor open or is it just games still? We're cruising again in December on the Dream and looking forward to see if...
  3. ashley4931

    Disney Dream September 9 -12 (3 Night Bahamian Cruise from Miami) cruise group

    Hello all! We are so excited, this will be our first Disney Cruise (and my first cruise ever)! We are from Michigan/ Ohio. My Fiancé, Keaton, and I (Ashley) were wondering if anyone from the cruise would want to plan to meet up and maybe grab a snack and chat? We are 25 and 23. We look forward...
  4. E

    June 3rd, 2022 - 3-Night Bahamian Cruise from Port Canaveral (Castaway Cay) Meet and Fish Extender Thread

    Looks like there isn't a thread for June 3rd-6th Dream Fish Extenders. Anyone else looking to join up this sailing? Stole these questions from someone else, thought it worked well.... 1. What cruise # is this for you? 2. What is one thing you are most looking forward to for the cruise? 3. Who...
  5. S

    May 30th, 2022 - 4-Night Bahamian Cruise from Port Canaveral (Nassau, Castaway Cay)

    Haven't seen this one yet - we are VGT and awaiting our room assignment. Anyone else on this sailing? It appears that all inside, oceanview, and concierge rooms are booked fully. There are under 200 verandah rooms left. Looks like our days of 50% capacity are gone!
  6. C

    Disney Dream - June 7-11, 2022 Meet Up Thread

    Just booked our trip and wanted to get this thread started!
  7. S

    Dream VS Fantasy Thanksgiving Week

    Hi everyone! First time posting here but I’m hoping you guys can help me out. My family and I are considering taking a Disney cruise the week of Thanksgiving. In the past we have always gone to WDW for Thanksgiving but the last time we did (2019) it was absolutely packed and miserable. As of...
  8. H

    Aug 13 2021 - 3Night Bahamian Cruise from Port Canaveral (Nassau, Castaway Cay) Cruise MEET GROUP

    My families first cruise! 4yo and 6yo, with MIL coming along as well. We're excited (but nervous to get TOO excited). We will be one of the FIRST Disney Dream cruises after COVID restrictions were loosened. Fingers crossed (and a little fairy magic) that we all have SMOOTH SAILING!
  9. U

    Cruise ship capacity for COVID-19 regulations

    Has Disney posted what the capacity % will be on the cruise ships in the near future? I've booked the Dream 10-4/8-2021. It seemed to me that it sold out pretty quick. I would like to book another 2 guest with one more room. I'm just trying to find out if it's not booked 100% then there might be...
  10. D

    Quick Nassau Question

    Some friends and I are sailing next Friday on the Dream and in hopes of keeping costs down, I was planning to pick up a few bottles of wine in Nassau but I’ve never bought wine there before. Any recommendations for a good place to pick up some good bottles close to the port? Thanks in advance!
  11. I

    Show Times on Dream?

    I'm cruising 2/10-14 and was hoping someone could tell me what time the evening shows are. I'm trying to schedule a massage one of the days, and don't want to interfere with that or dinner. Thanks!
  12. T


    Welcome Shipmates! We are so excited to be sailing on the 3 night Disney Dream Cruise leaving Port Canaveral on May 21, 2021 to Nassau, Bahamas and Castaway Cay with you. I have set up Fish Extender groups if you are interested. Magnet Exchange groups and Sock Exchange groups have been set-up...
  13. B

    Disney Cruise with a 20 month old?

    Hello! So my husband and I have cruised often in the past on NCL but since having a baby have decided maybe we would try Disney (we are Disney fanatics and go to the parks often). I’ve got my eye on either the Magic out of Miami or the Dream out of Canaveral in Nov 2020 but something keeps me...
  14. G

    HELP! I'm not creative and may have procrastinated....

    HI! We're celebrating 3, THREE BIG birthdays on the Disney Dream THIS Monday August 19-23rd. I just found this page and am so thankful and hopeful I can use it this trip, but know it will rock in the future! On my research, I saw someone who had posted an awesome DCL logo word cloud and I'm...
  15. J

    First time Disney Cruiser!!! Questions galore!!

    We are cruising January 2020 with our boys who are 11, 13 and 14. The 13yr old will turn 14 while on the ship. I have a Lot of questions about the Edge/Vibe stuff and how it works. I read somewhere that cast members will pick up kids at the dining area, but is that just for you get kids? Does...
  16. C

    Can you help with pressed pennies?

    The last two times we were in Port Canaveral the pressed penny machine with the Fantasy and Dream was out of order. Would anyone be willing to get me 2 of both of those (so 4 total)? I will obviously be more than happy to send money to cover the cost of the pennies and shipping. We have 2 more...
  17. KEmum

    I can't decide: East Coast or West Coast

    Some background on our family: I will have a VIBE-er and an EDGE-er on this cruise. We want to combine a land/sea, and we have been to both parks before as well as on the Wonder Pacific Coast & Magic Western Caribbean. I need advice from anyone who has done Wonder Baja and Dream Bahamas. IYO...
  18. J

    Interview for Disney Schedule - Field Representative

    Hi! I finally got a response back from Disney for the first time since applying after I graduated college in 2012! I have now 6.5 years of construction experience under my belt and make a 6 figure salary. The job offer for Disney has a salary range of 60-65K. Working for Disney has been a dream...
  19. S

    Which restaurant for Pirates Night?

    Hi everyone! First time poster and Disney cruiser here. We are going on a 4 night Halloween on the High Seas cruise on the Dream. I have Palo booked already for the second evening when we are in Nassau since we are planning on staying on the ship all day. My question is: If I'm going to try...
  20. Sunset for the start of the cruise

    Sunset for the start of the cruise

    An amazing send of for the start of the cruise