Hyatt Orlando not stroller friendly


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Mar 2, 2000
I was at the Hyatt Orlando from 4-25 thru 4-29 for a convention and I wanted to warn everyone who has a young baby in a stroller or is in a wheel chair - this is not a good hotel for you! All of the meetings I had to go to were on the second floor of the convention center and there is NO ELEVATOR!!!!! There is a wheel chair lift that is at the farthest end of the hall from what I was toild by the employees, but to get upstairs I had to take my 6 week old son opout of the stroller, carry him uspatirs and beg a few nice men to carry the stroller up the stairs. The same thing happened when we wanted to go down - and all of the bathrooms are on the first floor. This was not fun!!! There is a frieght elevator that is available of you beg an employee who will call about 10 other employees to see which one of them is going to take responsibility to get the guests upstairs through the employees only sections but it's hard to find anyone and in a bathroom emergency it is impossible.

Other than that, the one place to get fast food and sandwiches is a small "marketplace" that is only accessible by walking up three steps. Again I had to take the baby out of the stroller and try to balance everything while holding him. NOT fun.

The room was nice, not very sound proofed though as we could hear the mommy next door screaming at her kids to get up every 2 minutes for hours.

Just wanted to warn you.
Sorry to hear you had a tough time, the stroller situatio sounds like a real pain. We are scheduled for a convention at the Hyatt Grand Cypress, do you know if this is the same hotel.
NO - The Hyatt Orlando and the Grand Cypress are two different places. I hope you have better luck!


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