How You All Doing


Feb 27, 2017
An interesting thing is you talk about schools opening up in the rest of the world. Here there was a strange reluctance to close them, seeing them as childcare above all else. Schools were kept open a week longer than they should have been and remained open for some groups throughout. They decided which year groups were going back based on how distracting they were for parents working from home.

Places that shut have to get risk assessments approved to be covid secure to reopen. It's interesting to see how these places have a different feel to those that were open throughout. Food shops, schools etc. It's like the pause the think, to reinvent. Teachers have had no time to pause, have been running at moving goalposts throughout.


Aug 19, 2020
Hello everyone
I hope you are all well and staying safe.

How are you all doing and did you cope ok through Lockdown. I know a lot of restrictions in England have been lifted, we are doing things a littke slower here in Wales which Im more than happy with.

Ive been furloghed now best part of 10 weeks and it could be another 3 weeks before Im back to work. I have missed all my frinds so much. Living on my own I found quite difficult through all of this but i go out just once a week to do my 85 years old dads shopping and thank god the weather has been amazing, and although I dont have a garden I do have a small balcony which has been very welcome.

Holidays all cancelled this year but I was extremly lucky to be at WDW last November and it was brilliant.

Hope everyone is doing well

I know it's necessary, but it certainly has been tough! I'm now at the point where I've been unfurloughed for 2 days a week but still working from home. I also live alone (with a cat) in a flat and had just started on anti-depressants a month before the pandemic hit, so it's been a real struggle. Especially as one of my coping strategies has been planning in things to look forward to, so the cancellations of various adventures and limited/non-existent real life interactions hit hard.

Now things are easing a bit and I can start immersing myself in next year's plans at least, that's helping.

Hope things are also getting better for you now!


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