How WET will I get on the water Rides?


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Jul 27, 2000
Will wearing a Poncho Help? How about my Feet? Bring extra shoes and socks? Help Please! :rolleyes:
On Jurassic Park I have heard other people say they didn't get very wet. I was sitting in the front row, so i got pretty wet. On Dudly Do Right, I got drenched. And on Popeye, I might as well have jumped in. I was soaked head to toe. There is a place in the middle of the raft where you can put your socks and shoes or anything else you don't want to get wet. A poncho will probably help, but don't expect to stay dry. Hope this is helpful.

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We rode Jurasic park twice and only got a few drops but we were not in the front row. The others will get you soaked. I saw alot of people just go on in bathingsuits or shorts and change afterwards.

I did wear a poncho on Jurassic Park and the Dudley do Right and it kept me dry. The Poncho did not nothing for the round raft ride. I go so wet and I loved every minute. I rode it 4 times in a row. If you do not like to walk around in wet clothes for several hours, I strongly advise a change of clothes. They have lockers. I really did not mind being wet. Have a great time. I wish I was there now.
I was thinking about writing a trip tip on the water rides at IOA. Maybe this is a good incentive! :)


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Where EXACTLY Are the lockers? Near the rides or Up front where you come in? Thanks again! :D
The lockers are beside JPRA, the Hulk, and Dueling Dragons. The other water rides have no lockers. Depending on the queue, the lockers are free for about one hour. JPRA's locker costs about $1 for the first hour, $1 for each additional hour. You pay when you retrieve your goods.


Barry Hom
The moderator formerly known as Barry aka usagi
Moderator, Universal and Sea World Boards

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I agree with everybody: In order of wetness it's JP, Dudley & Bluto.

Just how wet is the raft ride?? We brought a complete change of clothes including underwear and bras!!! And we needed it!!! We were so wet people were pointing and laughing! It is by far the very best raft ride we've ever been on!

What about cameras? For Ripsaw Falls and JP, would a camera be safe on the ride if I'm wearing a poncho? Not interested in Popeye



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I think your camera would be o.k. under a poncho on JP. I'm not sure about Ripsaw. We got VERY wet when we went on it, so I wouldn't take a camera.

Been there, done that, going back!!!
Folks-they are water rides. You get wet on water rides. Take the proper precautions.

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I got absolutely soaked on Popeye and Dudley. I wore a poncho on Dudley and it just flew up over my head when we went down the hill! My shirt was soaked! Picture it! I was hysterically laughing! :D

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The raft ride was the best. I was drenched. The first time I was on it I kept my trainers on. I never made that mistake again. Lol.


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