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Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by Spirit of Mickey, Jan 27, 2001.

  1. Spirit of Mickey

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    Jan 27, 2001
    I am considering becoming a DVC member and I want to know some of the costs without having sales people calling. We can usually go in the June timeframe (late June usually about every 3 years) and like to stay about two weeks. There would be 4 of us and a one bedroom would probably fit our needs. I would like to stay at the Boardwalk Village.

    I realize that the information is a little vague but I was curoius as to cost.

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  2. Ed T

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    Mar 21, 2000

    This site is an excellent one for getting information on DVC and how it works. Another one I liked was

    YOu mention buying into Boardwalk. That resort along with OKW is sold out as reported on the boards. YOu can purchase a boardwalk interst or OKW through resale only right now. I would be happy to share my contact with you that we bought our resale through. you can email me.
    Resales are very negotiable unlike buying through Disney. Many people have purchased resales at some very nice pricing. I have seen reports of anything from $ 55 - $ 65 a point depending on the resort.
    I'm sure these boards will give you more than enough information to help you with your decision.

    Good luck and email me

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  4. kem330

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    Jan 14, 2001
    To purchase from Disney: Vero Beach, Hilton Head and Villas at Wilderness Lodge are all that's available for $72.00/point. Then you have annual dues (At VWL they are $3.6275/point) payable each Jan. or monthly. No closing costs.Right now they have an Aug use year, which means you will get points from Aug 2000 which can be banked or used by Aug 01 and will get new points in Aug to be used by aug 02. You can bank pts. into next year and borrow pts from following year to use pts every 3 years.Resales will usually involve closing costs of $400 + dollars.One week in 1br in June uses 350 pts so you could buy 234 pts approx for 2 week stay every 3 years

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  5. BobH

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    Mar 19, 2000
    I may have had an exceptional sales rep, but I believe you can call and get quite a bit of information without being pressured. I got most of the material from the public ofering statement and spoke on and off for a couple of years with my Disney Rep. and she never once called me to pressure me about anything. She sent me videos, brochures, floorplans you name it. Unless I left a message requesting a callback I never heard from her.
  6. drusba

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    Aug 19, 1999
    To give you some idea here are figures based on your criteria of going every three years to BWV and staying 2 weeks in a 1BR in June:

    1. Total points needed for 1BR (preferred view which is most of the rooms) that time of year for a 2 week stay--540. If you actually went only every three years, you would bank one years points borrow another years and also use the trip years points meaning you would need to buy 1/3 of the total need or 180. Current price through Disney (which is not selling BWV but you could buy at another resort like VWL) would be $12,960 at $72 a point(that includes all closing costs and is a one-time charge). If you buy a contract like that resale, price may be more in the $60 to $65 range per point but you would also pay about $450 in closing costs.

    2. You would also pay annual dues (covers such things as costs of running the resort, repairs, taxes, general maintenance). At BW they are currently about $3.84 per point per year or for 180 points about $691 per year (it would be less at VWL). Dues can go up.
  7. Disney Fool

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    Nov 15, 1999
    of that $12,000, how much is required upfront?


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  8. WebmasterDoc

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    Aug 14, 1998
    You should call 1-800-800-9100 and request the free video and information packet. There will be no harassing sales calls afterwards.

    Disney will ask for 10-20% downpayment with their financing programs.

    <a href="">The Timeshare Store</a> is the sponsor of this Board and has provided good service for many of us here. They can assist with resale information. I would still suggest getting information from DVC also and asking questions here when they arise.

  9. rallydoc

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    Dec 3, 2000
    Let me pass this on to ya.. I have recently purchased at VWL (Wilderness lodge). They have (or had0 something called "Magical Beginings" where they take away half of your points for the first year and put down $ 10.00 per point as a deposit (I bought 250 points, they "took" 125 for the first year and credited my purchase $ 1250.00). Down payment can be 10% to 50% and the loan interest rate varies with the deposit amount.

    But more importantly, i have a terrible credit rating (Did I ever tell ya how much I hate paying those student loan folk?) and Disney was willing to give me a loan as long as I was willing to put more deposit down. My damn bank won't even do that and I run my business through them!!


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