How much to tip room service?

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    I was reading the thread about what's best from room service, but since ost tipping is a percent of what you spent, how much do you tip? And is it a right away tip or is it something you do at the end with the rest?

    Since I'm asking about tipping, let me ask about end of the cruise tipping. I prepaid tips. Don't shoot me! I may be overpaying but I gotta tell you, dh is thrilled that all we have to pay on board is alcohol and souvenirs. Is there anyone we need to tip that is not included in prepaid? In the chart in the cruise documents it lists amounts for restaurant server, restaurant assistant server, head server, stateroom host(ess) and then room service it says "your discretion". Is there anyone else?
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    Room service is at your discretion....usually $2-3 per visit....more if you order a bunch of entrees.

    There really is no set rule..we prefer to tip in cash...I bring a bunch of singles with us for this.

    If you prepaid your tips you should get vouchers in your stateroom that correspond to the person you tip. You would put the voucher in the envelope and hand those out. You can always tip bartenders if you want (but be sure you really want to as they already get an auto gratuity with every beverage purchase).

    If you have kids using the clubs, some people bring candy gifts to the club CM's as they are not supposed to take cash.

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    They give you a sheet that helps you calculate industry standard tipping.

    For a family of 3 on a 7 night be prepared to spend between 260 - 300.

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    The "suggested" tips are $12 per guest per night of cruise, so $84 per person on a 7 night cruise. Most people who pre-pay tips, pre-pay the standard amount. No flames. You will usually find the service to be superb and worth every penny. If you don't, you can go to GS and adjust what you've pre-paid.

    I take the "suggested" as the standard. That's what I tip for good service...and then increase somewhat for service that I feel is great. I have rarely tipped less than the suggested; our last cruise was an exception. Our assistant server was just not "with it." He didn't do a good job of keeping drinks refilled (soft drinks, water). Several nights he brought my ice tea but no sweetener. Our server was hustling to take care of her responsibilities as well as those that he "forgot." She never said a negative word about him, she'd just appear with the container of sweetener and say to me, "You need this, don't you?" and walk away. I reduced his tip slightly and added that + more to hers.

    Room service, as above, is a couple dollars per trip to your room. I mean, if we order a mickey bar and milk, I tip $1. You can pay this in cash or add it to the voucher you will be asked to sign (you sign even if you have no charge items).

    The only other tip you will need is the porter who handles your luggage. The luggage charge is part of DCL bus transportation on the way in; if you use a porter to go thru Customs on the way home, again, a tip. If you are on a participating airline using the onboard check in, you won't have this expense.

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