How many diapers??


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Mar 27, 2000
I need advice on how many diapers to bring for my daughter. She is almost 3, and we havent trained her because of this trip, although I know she could if we did. Anyway, we went to Phoenix a couple of months ago, and she didnt use any more than she did here even with all the drinking she did. Should I pack 5 per day, more or less? Im finding this diapers take up most of the suitcase!!
If you can get to a store you can always buy more. I figured out how many we would need and then added extras.
I weighed the luggage so I knew I had enough. Besides the luggage you empty will be great for bringing home souveniers (SP?)
Mary Lou
Here's a tip: buy a small package & don't take them out of the package. The diapers take up WAY less room when they are in the original packaging - they expand more than you realize once removed. When is your trip? If she is almost 3 & your trip is a month away - I can almost bet that she would do fine!
Sorry about that - I see your countdown clock says your trip is in 2 days ...I guess you don't want to potty train while in wdw, huh? LOL!!

Well I put off the potty training because our friends went with their daughter when she had just been trained a few months prior and everytime they waited awhile in line she always said she had to go to the bathroom. Then if their daughter went in a pullup it was trauma because she had wet her pants. They said the trip wasnt one of their better ones.

Soooo.....we are stuck with the diapers. Dont you think 5 per day is enough?
I think five a day will be plenty. Even if you run out you can buy some at the resort they may be a bit more expensive but hey they're convenient. Have a good time.:wave:
We went with 6 a day and had a bunch left over. (I have a camel for a daughter :rolleyes: ) Yup, 5 a day would be fine!

KJMAX1 - we are in the very same situation.
Our older daughter turns three about two weeks before we go to the Wilderness Lodge Villas in October. We are also waiting to potty train until we get back.

From past experience, you have received great advice so far. Buy a pack of diapers and don't take any out. You can pack souvenirs in the space that the diapers took up! :cool:

My suggestion = 6 per day. :)
If you are swimming - don't forget swim diapers! We made that mistake at the WL. They only had a limited numbers in the gift shop so 1 day we couldn't swim until a new shipment came in the next day. They seemed to run out often & we went in JANUARY! HAVE FUN!!


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