How long to file a deed...???


I cant load my bobbin!
Nov 25, 2001
When buying re-sale I know you cant book until the deed has been filed.... but I am hearing differing stories about how long that takes......
SOme folks say it takes months while others say it gets filed the day after closing...... HELP. What has been you re-sale experince?
Thanks bunches:bounce: :bounce:
People may be referring to a delay in "closing" rather than a delay in filing. With our resales closing was immediately followed by recording (filing) of the deed (I believe it was on the same day).
I "closed" on Dec 26, 2001, per the closing agent. As of today, four weeks later, Disney still does not recognize the resale.

I went through one of the two major resale brokers mentioned frequently on these boards with "good" recommendations. While everyone has been very polite, I still don't have use of my points, and my checking account is $10,000 lighter. There's a long tale of woe on the reasons for the delay.

I'd recommend being very specific about when you want to close, requirement for resale broker / closing agency to use overnight delivery, require daily phone calls to provide status to you, and have a "if we haven't completed the deal by xx date, all bets are off" clause.


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