How is this charactor lunch


Earning My Ears
Aug 15, 2002
I just did PS for this restaruant in Epcot the wednesday 24th at the Garden Grill is it good food I have never been to WDW so this is a treat for me besides being there for our honeymoon we have not done any package deals so I am just winging it and picking the places I think we would want to see we are also doing the Lulau for that night at the polynesian and how is that and some more places are the 50 prime time cafe for dinner tuesday night and the plaza pavillion on monday for lunch I just think we should eat either at our food court at the all star music resort or get little foods here and there to save some money do anyone have a sugesstions?

Here's hoping you have a very magical honeymoon.

Garden Grille is very good -- all you can eat, so it's very filling. If you'd like, ask the CM to set you up for the rehitching ceremony. It's a fun experience where your server "rehitches" you and your spouse, you kiss while the other guests count to 100 (1 - 10 by ones, then 10 - 100 by 10's). You get a nice certificate and a cake for dessert. It costs nothing extra and it's a nice memory to add.

50's Prime Time is a favorite of mine at MGM. It provides traditional comfort food and the servers can be a riot sometimes.

I would suggest checking the restaurant page here for more ideas. Dining at Disney doesn't have to be expensive, although it usually turns out that way. My DW and I don't do more than 1, maybe 2 sit-down meals a day.


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