How is Artist Pointe Character Breakfast?


Feb 15, 2001
I have PS for Artist Pointe breakfast but I keep reading things about how it is good for couples without children. I am going with 5 yr, 4yr and 13 months. Will it be fine? If so how is the food. I read it was sit down but what kind of choices will there be? Thanks
It is wonderful!!!!!! We went both times we went to WDW in 2000. There is a waiter named Lee that makes hats and bows out of the napkins for the kids even kids at tables he's not waiting on. It is the first choice of my youngest DD when we go now.
It will be fine for your family. You get a sample platter with a little of everything on it. Then you decide what you like and get as much as you want. Kind of like a sit down buffet. Nice atmosphere and views.

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We did the AP Character Breakfast in January with a 5 year old and a 2 year old. It was really nice, much quieter and less hectic than CP (which we also enjoyed). When we were there, the kids' plates came with scrambled eggs, little whole wheat pancakes, bacon, sausage, and some hash brown patties that you could eat with your fingers. There was also a plate of sweet bread and biscuits on the table. Adult plates were the same, but had different breakfast potatoes (sort of a cheesy potato casserole). Lots of OJ and coffee were also included. All the food was excellent. Have fun!

We went to AP January.

Maybe it was off season, so it was so quiet, not like CM. So, caharcters came to each table long time. Food is good, and waiter/waitress are so friendly!

somehow, Tigger liked my daughter(who is 2yrs old) and he brought all characters to our table to take a picture withmy daughter. Even Pooh played with my DD for a while!(we stayed there almost 2hrs...) Pooh went oustside porch and waived to other people at pool side area etc..

With the atomosphere of wilderness Lodge, it should be one of the best Character breakfast at WDW.
We just went there in early March. My 6 y.o. son was a little disappointed because he wanted to see Mickey, but he had a good time anyway (he's very shy with the CMs and characters). He offered pancakes to Tigger and Eeyore to see what they would do.

It's a great atmosphere, very calm and relaxing, and the characters spend a good amount of time with everyone. Tigger spent some time teaching a young girl near us how to bounce (jumping on the cushions in a booth).

We were a little disappointed in the food (not the quality, just the type). The potatoes were fabulous as were all the specialty breads. As said earlier, they bring each person a plate full and then you can have seconds on anything you want. Our family is not a big breakfast group, and not big on eggs or bacon/sausage, so we would have liked more of a selection of items to choose from. The menu says fresh fruit, but it turns out that it's extra $.

In any case, the atmosphere there is splendid. I had never been to WL before, so it was nice to see it. The CMs were very friendly!


The kids and I went to Artists Point our first morning at Disney. It was wonderful. The characters came around 2-3 times each and the atmosphere was relaxed and calming. The food was great and served to you at the table and you didnt have to worry about missing the characters, like the buffet at Crystal Palace. It wouldd be one that I do again next time.

My DH and I ate there last March. I was 4 months pregnant at the time and really enjoyed it. The characters were great with us and also with families with children. They were very gentle with the smaller toddlers. We are going again this Novenmber when our DD will be 15 months old and I can't wait for her to meet the characters at Artist Pointe!

We love it. It is quieter and smaller than the other Character Breakfasts, so the characters have a little more time to interact with the guests :) The food is awesome and all you can eat--scrambled eggs, pancakes, sausage, bacon, homefries, and more served family style. The servers are all courteous, friendly and efficient, but never make you feel rushed. The atmosphere is the best. The restaurant has 2 walls that are windows that look out on the magnificent WL pool and Bay Lake. You will love it :D

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we took DSs ages 2 and 4 last year. The atmosphere is more relaxed than some of the other character meals and that is why people suggest it for couples. However, lots of families eat there too. Have fun!
Thanks for all the info, and thanks for asking the question Claudine! We'll be going to AP on our last morning in The World, when we won't be going to any parks. I'd heard some good things about it, and we wanted to get a peek at the WL, but it's nice to hear these positive experiences from other families.

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Took 22 mo old DD on the last day of our trip and loved it. DD is a little red head and attracted alot of attention with the characters everywher (especially Cindy at the castle, who told her she looked like Ariel!!!) The AP breakfast was really nice because it was smaller than others we've been too. Both Pooh and Tigger visited as soon as we walked in. Later Eyore came over, and then Pooh made a come back. The food was good, and it was nice to be served as opposed to having to get up to go to the buffet and chance missing a character visit to your table. This certainly doesn't mean I wouldn't keep going to Chef Mickey's, but if Mickey et al. were at the AP breakfast, we'd probably pass on Chef Mickey's.

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