how does mears work from WDW resorts to IOA?


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Mar 17, 2000
I am planning a trip to IOA while staying on site at disney. I am vaguely aware that I can call mears to get bus service to IOA from diney, but I was wondering if anyone could fill me in a little more before I call to book it. what I would like to know is if I want to arrive at say 8:45, when I will have to arrange for the bus to pick me up at the CBR and whether it will be a van that takes just me or a bus that goes to all the other resorts too so that I won't actually arrive to closer to noon! also, if anyone has any general comments or comments about their satisfaction with this service, I would love to hear them!

thanks in advance for the help!
We're heading down in June and I'm working on figuring out transportation from WDW to USF/IOA. When I made our reservations at HRH, I asked the agent if she could recommend the cheapest way to get from WDW to USF. At first she suggested Mears, saying Mears charges $10 per person. Ok, 4 of us, that's $40. Then she said a cab from WDW would cost $35.

We visited WDW in 1999 and used Mears RT from the airport. It was ok, but you share a van with others and have to stop at other resorts before getting to yours. Also, the van we had smelled from stale smoke and someone's perfume/after shave. I'm sure a cab won't be much better smell-wise, but at least it's a direct trip!

Hello! We use Mears every year to shuttle between Disney and Universal. We have always had a bus (never a van). We called the Mears 1-800 number the night before we wanted the transportation to set up a pick-up time, and Mears was always at the resort promptly. It does make about 4-5 stops, but the bus does not wait at each resort for more than 2-3 minutes. So don't be late for your pick-up time! We missed the bus one morning because we were 5 minutes late. :(

We have always been pleased with Mears. It was $20 roundtrip for 2 adults. I've read on these boards that lots of people like Tiffany service too. Before we knew better, we took a taxi and paid $40 ONE-WAY from Disney to Universal. :mad: It was quick transportation, but not very cost-efficient!


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