How does DL compare in price to DW?

Discussion in 'Disneyland (California)' started by BrookeTx, Feb 3, 2008.

  1. BrookeTx

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    Jan 14, 2007
    I am curious to how Disney Land differs in price from Disney World? Is there only Animal Kingdom at Disney Land? What about the DDP? When is the 'low' season at Disney Land? What about hotels owned by Disney?
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    Nov 12, 2007
    Price wise it's not too different. It all depends on your hotel. They do not have Animal Kingdom at Disneyland. That's Disneyworld. The Disneyland resort has the Magic Kingdom and Disney's California Adventure which are sperate parks. I would recomment the park hopper to use both parks. It's very easy to visit both the same day as they're very, very close. It takes roughly 2 minutes to walk from one gate to the other.

    The Disneyland Hotel, Paradise Pier, and Grand Californian are all very expensive but do offer easy access to the parks. There are other inexpensive hotels and motels around the area that are within walking distance. Do your homework. Candy Cane and Anaheim Plaza are very good values.

    They don't really have a slow season as they try to keep the park full every day. February is their slowest month but it can be crowded for President's Day weekend. Also check park hours since some months have earier closing hours. Disneyland can sometimes close at 8pm (California Adventure 6pm!) during the week so once again research the hours for your trip. These can also change without notice though they usually add hours rather than close earlier.

    These boards are a great place for information. Beware of a few people who get angry and pick fights. It's best just to ignore their comments and stick with what the friendly people say.
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  4. bumbershoot

    bumbershoot DIS Veteran

    Mar 5, 2007
    Shortly after I booked our September package to DLR this time last year, Free Dining came out at WDW. While toodling around on WDW's site, I couldn't help but notice we could get a 7 day package at WDW for *less* than a 4 night package at DLR. Zoiks!

    There is a sad little form of dining plan at DLR, but it's nothing like WDW's, not even the changed, less-value, dining plan they changed it to this year. It's an OK way to pre-pay for food at DLR, but you get vouchers instead of "credits". If you use a $5.00 voucher for something that is $4.25, you do not get change back. If you decide to buy a bit extra so you don't "lose" money from that $5 voucher, then you pay out of pocket plus that $5 voucher. There are those that like it, though. But for me, I prefer to get giftcards and budget my meals that way, and that way I can keep my food money in my savings account, earning a bit of interest, until it's time to buy the giftcard.

    No Animal Kingdom at DLR. At DLR there is Disneyland (similar to Magic Kingdom, I hear) and Disneyland's California Adventure. But I was just reading that while WDW with its 4 parks has 73 attractions, DLR with its two parks has 63. Wow!

    We have encountered light crowds during any weekDAYS that we have been there, and not THAT crowded on weekends. We've been there middish September, early October, early December, and late January so far.

    DLR hotels are Grand Californian (posh and $$$$), Disneyland Hotel ("they" say it's the most Disney-themed and I feel that it is $$$), and Paradise Pier (further away from DLR than many off-site hotels! and $$).
  5. Hound 109

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    Oct 10, 2006
    Not trying to pick a fight but:

    - Disneyland Resort consists of Disneyland (DL) & Ca. Adv. (DCA)...MAGIC KINGDOM is in Orlando.
    - Relative values can be had at DLR hotels during off season.
    - Few get angry & no one picks fights.....but lots of opinions shared.

    OP, have a great time planning a trip to Walt's park. :thumbsup2
  6. bumbershoot

    bumbershoot DIS Veteran

    Mar 5, 2007
    Off topic: Hound, ever since that day you made the big DLR mention, I've been using that term religiously, with DL and DCA under that bigger classification. All these recent mentions of DL's Magic Kingdom are confooosing me! :)
  7. DLR29

    DLR29 We create happiness

    May 30, 2006
    Wow Hound I was thinking the exact same thing. :laughing: I don't like Disneyland Park being called the Magic Kingdom. MK doesn't stand a chance against DL if you were to compare the two, so I feel that by calling Disneyland, Magic Kingdom, you're lowering it to MK's standard, which may confuse WDW vets.

    bumbershoot gives a good description of the dining plan, which is not worth it at DL. In regards to hotels, all 3 of the DLR hotels can be compared to a deluxe hotel at WDW. There are no Value or Moderate hotels at the Disneyland Resort. Keep reading these boards. Ask questions. You will get tons of responses on how DLR differs from WDW. Also read Hydroguy's tips (sticky on the main DLR forums page). Super helpful. :thumbsup2

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