How Do You Know if Large Groups Are in The Resorts?

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by MADnNOLA, Nov 12, 2012.


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    Sep 21, 2012
    Not after your arrival ;) . . . but before booking.

    Is there a way to know how to avoid any large groups such as a event calendar?

    I usually stay at the Value Resorts and am looking at a May 2013 trip. I don't want to be booked with a large group that might be noisy or take over the pool areas. I normally don't spend much time at the resort, but this trip I plan on some resort time. Upgrading to a Moderate is out of my budget so that is not really an option.

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    There really isn't any practical way to know this. Disney doesn't give out that data anywhere (other than events it is promoting itself) so you would have to scour the internet for any mention of a group meeting at one of the hotels.
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    You can track the incoming sports and cheerleading groups by going to the ESPN Wide World of Sports website and looking for events during your stay. Then, go to the website of that sports organization and see what hotels they are staying at.

    But as the previous poster says, it is difficult to track all the potential groups that might be at your hotel.

    Specifically, you could also run into large conference groups or South American tour groups. Last year we even had a large British tour group in our area of POFQ, but they were no bother at all. The South American groups are another matter though.

    Track the sports groups and keep your fingers crossed for the rest. Even if you do encounter some, just roll with it. We've seen several of these groups at our resort over the years, and while they made things a bit trying, they never ruined our stay.
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    There are a large number of tour groups in May at WDW. We ran into them NUMEROUS times at the parks, on the monorail in lines and etc.... they are really noisy and somewhat rude cheering and blocking paths etc. They mostly stay at values... maybe try AOA they may have a hard time booking a number of rooms as it is a new resort.

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