How do we do this?

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  1. meredy338

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    Feb 26, 2006
    OK...this might be a bit confusing.

    Want to go in December with free dining. One of our party members already has MYW tickets for the entire stay. The others 4 need tickets. I think I read that you have to purchase at least one day of MYW passes to get the free dining.

    How can 4 of us get 4 days park passes and 1 of us only get one day of passes on the same reservation so that we can all get free dining? (Thinking of staying at the cabins at Ft Wilderness)
  2. My2Angels

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    Aug 14, 2006
    You book the package with 1 day base tickets for everyone. On day one, the 4 people that need to extend their passes upgrade their tickets. If you do it after you go through the gate, you will only pay the difference of the current gate price and the price of the extended day ticket. If you upgrade before you pass through the gate, you will pay the difference in the price you paid for the ticket and the current extended day ticket price. This is important because ticket prices will be increasing next week. So book before then and save a little money!

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