How do I add something or change the little "DIS Veteran" by my name??

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Joe Cool

E vai!
Nov 8, 2000
I've seen a lot of things by people's names when they post, like "in his own words" for the user "bicker", and "GF FAQ'er" for CaliforniaDreaming.

How do I change mine? Do I need special permission from Pete or something?

No just go into user cp at the top of the page and click on edit profile. Part way down the page you can change your title. Cool, huh?
If you click on "user cp" across the top of your screen and then edit profile, you can scroll down to "Custom User Text" and change it yourself!! On the old boards, the tech people had to do it.
At the top of the board, click on user cp > edit profile > then scroll down to Custom user text. You can then enter you own custom title. :D

I'm not getting "custom user text" showing up at all when I try to edit profile! :confused:
I noticed both wackywitch and KimRaye have "Registered On" dates within the last few days. I remember WebmasterAlex saying something about needing to be registered for a certain amount of time before you can change your "title".

I'll confirm it with him and let you know the specifics!

Hi Chris! I'm wondering if they can make some exceptions. I really am not new to these board. I already have over 2.000 posts under my other user name Fantasia_ . But if I can't change it and have to wait, then I guess I will wait until that word "Custom User Text" or until we are eligible to edit.
USEscape, the Webmasters can still go in and change your title. I'd suggest that you post a new thread here on the tech board asking (begging or pleading might work too ;) ) for their assistance in changing your title.
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