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Mar 14, 2001
My mother recently celebrated her 70th birthday(shhhhh...she doesn't want anyone to know)..anyway, she wants to take the grandkids 4&6, my husband and I to Disney.(a truly wonderful mom she has been and is) At her age she deserves to set the stipulations: She wants to be in the Magic Kindom area, close to the monorail, and she doesn't want me to break the bank!!?? This is an oxymoron isn't it!!??
Can some of you help me here? I have spent days researching, buying info books, purchasing the DC, ...all to find bargains because here is the kicker...even though it's not my money, I literally get physically ill if I can't find a bargain.(i know there are some of you out there who can relate) She doesn't want alot of shuttle waiting, doesn't want car rental, wants ajoining suites, and I want the value 49.00 room rate. Is there something in the middle?? Planning for a Thanksgiving trip but can change that too. Thanks <IMG SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_confused.gif" alt="confused">

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what the Thanksgiving rates would be if one of you bought a AP, it only takes one to make the difference and sometimes it is enough to more than make up the cost of the AP. Another suggestion is to rent points from a DVC member, check out their rental site on this board. I havent done this but people swear by it as a way to stay in a deluxe for the cost of a moderate. Also check the posts commenting on fall discounts for the moderates at under 100.00 per night....your dates may have to change...
Any military personel in the family that is going, retired counts too! You could stay Shades of Green for really good rates and purchase your passes their too.

First thing I would do is ask Mom what she really wanted to spend???? And go from there, she and you may have to do some serious thinking about the monorail and convience over saving $$$$$$. I have stayed at All Sports and loved it, its cheaper than most and although we did not use the buses I heard they are much more direct than some of the moderate hotels are.

This year we opted for offsite to save dollars and have way more room, HIFS offers 2 bedroom suites with a queen bed in each room and a pull out sofa in the living room, you also get a free breakfast and free kids food all day. Our rate is 110.00 per night. I am going in May so I can tell you more about it then. We will try their shuttle system, and if it is a pain, I will drive into the parks. This hotel has been getting rave reviews on the Orlando board on this site.

Well good luck in your bargain shopping hope I helped a little

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I think you have to make a list of priorities. I would think ease of transportation would win out. I took my mom when she was 75 and we stayed at the Contemporary. The only discount I was able to get at that time was the MKC (now DC) but the compactness of the resort (saved on walking) and the great transportation won out over money. We all love the Contemporary and have stayed there many times.

That being said, I'd try next time for the Swan/Dolphin. They have some great discounted rates and transportation from their hotels should be convenient. They have lots of categories for discounts so you might get a suite for a great rate. I'd consider buying an AP just for the discount. There is an ongoing post that gives updated dates for discounts and some wonderful information. I think I remember the poster's name is glo so it should be easy to search out.

I know what you mean about the $49/$89 rate. The last couple of years my son & I have been able to make extra trips by staying at the All Stars. We've either gotten the AP rate or lucked into similar specials. I found their transportation to be wonderful and have never had to walk too far to the bus stop.

Good luck with your planning. Just get a budget and a list of must haves from your mom and get planning.


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Unless you qualify for military rates at shade of green you're not going to meet your mothers wishes at your budget (but you already knew that).
Book a monorail resort and keep trying for an AP discount. I wouldn't even look at WL (boats and buses isn't what Mom wants) Double check the budget with your Mom she may prefer staying fewer days in the Contemporary. I suspect if you were planning the trip you'd stay more days in a more moderate or budget resort. Look at this as an opportunity to stay at a resort you normally wouldn't even think of.

Thanks for the information!!! I am considering all advice. I guess it comes down to ease of convenience for Mom, which is at the top of her priority list....but you all have me thinking....
We've decided to stay 6nites and do Magic Kindom and Animal Kindom areas. So what are your thoughts on breaking up hotel stays ?? 3nites in value....3 nites monorail.
Also, are monorail hotels only delux? Lastly, this AP thing confuses me. I thought we'd by into a package but it doesn't seem to make sense...or does it?? How many people can use an AP? I'm sure I can find the answer, but I figured you smarties would know..thanks.....
I'm not convinced that a package is more cost efficient than a self-booked vacation. Sometimes things are included that you wouldn't otherwise purchase. OK, although I think that some people rent their points too cheaply, you might want to try the DVC Rent/Trade board.

I've travelled with an elderly Mom. Some of my suggestions would include 1. Rent the car. There is nothing cost efficient about spending your precious time waiting for a bus. If you're an on-site guest, there is complimentary parking at the parks. Consider using Priceline. I've tried it for hotels, but many posters here have gotten some exceptional deals for car rentals too. 2. Plan a rest period in the afternoon, if only for the kids to swim and adults take a break to put their feet up. Remember that at that time of year, the parks will close earlier. 3. Think about 2 meals a day; brefex and dinner and if the kids are small, meal share. I've never had a cast member tell me I couldn't, unless its family style. Heck, in my group, the adults meal share because we simply can't eat all that food. 4. If Mom gets tired, there are wheelchair rentals at all parks and Downtown Disney. If you rent one at MK and return it, keep the receipt, you can use it at another site on the same day. There is a brochure available about travelling with handicapped folks, it might be worth asking for.

Lastly, staying at the Contemporary is only convenient if you stay in the Tower, and that is more expensive. Unfortunatly, there are no value or moderate resorts near MK
I guess I'm learning in this process to be patient, and that everything changes. Especially one's priorities given a situation. Turns out that in an ideal world, MOM wanted monorail...but being more idealistic, it's not that big of a thing after all....GO FIGURE!!
Here's is where we stand...travelling from Oct. 4-9th, 3 Adults, 2 Kids...right now have ressies at HIFS, and looking for other options in the park.
Let the process begin all over again...OOOHHH the pain of it all for the MAGIC!!! Any Oct. discounts out there????? Thanks

An AP is only good for the person that it is purchased for (they do a bone scan of your first two fingers of your right hand)that way no one else can use your pass.You only need one AP per room so everyone in your party doesn't have to have an AP.Discounts are not always avalibale so you can get the discount ,have it applied to your existing ressiesor make new and then purchase the AP.(required at check-in)If you buy an AP there are two kinds.A regular(4 theme parks) and Premium that includes Water parks an Pleasure Island.If you go to the parks 8 days in a 365 day period the AP's are cheaper than park hoppers My Hubby will have 28 days on his AP this year for a savings of over $1000 on park admission alone.If you plan to go two years in a row just go a week earler next year and the AP is good for both trips.Hope this did not totally confuse you LOL

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