How busy is DVC during F&W?

Discussion in 'DVC Member Services' started by Simba's Mom, Jun 25, 2007.

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    Aug 26, 1999
    Is it as hard to get reservations as the first 2 weeks of December? Is it necessary to call at exactly 11 months out? I know that one year I called at 10 months/2 weeks out for early December (I forgot at exactly 11 months), and there were only 2 resorts with availability. Yikes! Is the Food and Wine time that full? We've (obviously) never been during F&W time before, but we might go during that time next year. But we probably won't know our plans for sure 11 months out, maybe not til 8-9 months out. What would our chances be then? We're thinking of going in early November, if it makes a difference.
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    May 12, 2007
    I've been told that the period starting in October and ending in December is one of the busiest periods for DVC...
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    The Epcot DVCs are extremely popular at that time because of their location. It's the one trip I make sure to book 11 months, day-by-day (since we're at the F & W for so much of the time, I go for standard at the BWV to save points). I've never wanted preferred at that time (we're hardly ever in the room) so I'm not sure how difficult the preferred views are. :confused3

    As far as the other DVCs, I'd guess that WL would be more difficult to book because it's small-ish; I'd guess that OKW and SSR would be easier. :confused:

    Epcot is pretty crowded during the Festival; the other parks, not as bad (in our experience). Weekends bring locals to all the parks and to DTD. :crowded:

    We usually go during October, but this year, we're going at the beginning of November, mostly to (maybe) "luck into" cooler weather. Last year, it was brutally hot when we went in October. :faint:

    One more difference with the crowds in Nov. vs. Oct................I forgot to mention the crowds for MNSSHP in October; whenever those events were held, MK was jammed (but oh so adorable to see entire families in costume! :goodvibes ).
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    My opinion:

    F&W is not as bad as early December - that is beginning to rival calling for breakfast with Cinderella in the days before you had to prepay, LOL.

    I think you do need to call at 11 months for standard view & Boardwalk view at BWV, a Grand Villa anywhere and for the 2 bedroom w 2 Queen at BCVs. If you are going to be staying at either of the EPCOT Resorts during any portion of "Jersey Week", you should call at 11 months also. Doesn't mean you won't get in if you can't call until 8 or 9 months out, but you may have to use the waitlist.

    If you are planning to stay at OKW, VWL or SSR, you shouldn't have a problem getting in if you don't call to reserve until 8 or 9 months out.

    Calling at 7 months for Food & Wine is a whole new discussion!

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