How Big is too big for regular coaster seats??


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Apr 10, 2000
In one of the reviews the poster said she couldn't buckle the seat belt on Dueling Dragons and had to get off and wait to sit in a special seat. How big is too big??
about that same thing. I'm not tiny myself, so didn't know what to expect. Any answers would be appreciated! Thanks! ;)
I'm a fairly big person (a shade under 6 foot, 278 pounds). My upper body is larger than my rump area. Hulk, Dr. Doom and Dueling Dragons have ride seats located at the queue enterance. Try them out. I was able to ride Hulk in a normal coaster seat but the buckle just barely fit (although it took two workers to get the buckle to latch. One to push, the other to buckle). The special seat is located in rows three and six and has two buckles. I had plenty of room in those seats but there is only two seats per train with this configuration (I think one per row should be the norm).

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Apparently, height is less of an issue than chest measurement. At 52 inches things get tight. At 54 inches you probably can't fit.â

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