How are the crowds these days??


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Jul 6, 2001
We are going to US/IOA in 12 days and we are NOT staying on property so that means no FOTL access. :(
How are the crowds? Are the lines going to be really bad?? Maybe it would be worth the extra money to stay at HRH or PBH? We tried to find a good rate, but couldn't. :( We're going to be staying down there the 15th-17th... then on to Disney. :)

Any advice?
I was there yesterday (Saturday) and the crowds were not bad. It was more crowded at IOA but the longest line time I saw was 30 mins. Not bad, in the summer it is double/triple that.
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March crowds tend to pick up as the month progresses.'s only February...but thanks for the March update! :D ;) :D

Tigr...that IS President's weekend...and I know at WDW, that is a very, very busy I would expect the weekend to be pretty busy at USF/IOA as well.

Get there early....when the parks open...and use Express passes as needed. Don't get them for attractions that don't have long standby lines, as that's a waste of a good Express pass!

Spidey and Hulk have the biggest wait times consistantly throughout the day, so hit them early, and/or get Express passes early, as they can run out on a busy day fairly early!

Have fun!

We were at IOA/US last Tuesday and the place was empty. For most of the morning we had all the rides to ourselves. We didn't have to wait until we got to Jurassic Park water ride, and then it was only a few minutes because they were having technical problems and because they were only running one or two boats at a time. We were just going to go to IOA but the ticket agent talked us into buying the one day, two park pass (military salute deal) since the parks were so quiet. We were done with IOA by about 1 pm, had lunch at Margaritaville, and still had about 3 hours to spend at US. I'm sure crowds are heavier closer to the weekends though...
The main thing that concerns me is that it's a holiday weekend, a double whammy of Valentine's Day and President's Day. Also the fact that HRH and PBH are both booked! :eek: :eek: So that makes me think BIG crowds. Oh, and we couldn't get a reservation at Emeril's either.... so that's another sign.

We were there in October and it was a ghost town. No lines at any ride. It will definitely be different this time.

We'll be there when the park opens, so we'll hit Hulk and Spiderman first. Then head over to US for the afternoon.

Any other advice would be greatly appreciated. :) :) :)


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